How to remove the chicken skin is not damaged

Servings: 1 Cooking time: 20 minutes

In this post I will describe in detail how to skinChicken. It will come in handy if you decide to decorate your holiday table stuffed boneless chicken. Chicken skin, stuffed with a delicious stuffing with prunes, nuts and meats can be chip (highlight) all of your New Year's menu. In that example, I often threw the skin at all.

When I cook stuffed chicken, I hadthink about how to remove the chicken skin is not damaged. It took a lot of time and effort that it has turned the whole and with minimal incisions. So I decided to create a post - instruction step by step with pictures that inexperienced hostess can use.

Pictures, of course, do not look appetizing (and for that I apologize), but at least they illustrate the process in detail, and it is easier to follow than just verbal descriptions.

Most of the work is in the skin departmentmeat with a knife or spoon, placed between the skin and the meat is slightly angled. So, to get all the chicken skin for the entire recipe, you will need a raw chicken, sharp long knife and spoon.

Ingredients for a "How to remove the chicken skin is not damaged":

  • whole chicken;
  • sharp long knife;
  • tablespoon.

Recipe "How to remove the chicken skin is not damaged":

Separate the skin around the neck

Place the bird on a cutting board breast side down and, using a sharp knife, start to separate the skin of the chicken neck area.

Separate the skin near the wings

Separate the skin in the direction of one of the chicken wings inside the chicken.

Cut the wing on the first joint in the skin

Continue to work until the free wings to the first knuckle, then carefully cut off the wing at the first joint, release the portion of the bone with the meat through the "neck".

Repeat the process with the other wing

Depending on the recipe, in which you plan touse the skin, you can stop at any wing joint (and the rest of the wing to leave untouched for a better view). Repeat the same process with the other wing.

Spoon separate the skin around the trunk of chicken

Once you're done with the wings, take a tablespoon and run her hand between the skin and meat of chicken around the chest, hips and back.

Where necessary, prune knife

In order not to break the skin, where it can be easily separated from the meat, using only a spoon, and where it is difficult to neatly cut the end of a knife.
So, on the back of the spoon back to separate the skin hard, you'll need to carefully trim it with a knife.

Clipped skin underneath drumsticks

Cut the skin around the lower part of each chicken drumstick.

Separate the skin from the thighs and shins

Next, separate the skin from the meat around the area of ​​the hip and shank - up to the notch at the bottom of the lower leg.

Cut the chicken leg on the hip joint

Find the hip joint and separate chicken leg precisely at the joint.

Removing the skin from chicken leg

Remove the leg from the chicken skin, removing it inside out.

Repeat the process with the second leg

Repeat the same procedure for the other hip to the shin.

Remove the skin from the chicken body, like a T-shirt

Then start to remove the skin from all chicken, cocked it up, like a T-shirt.
Help yourself with a knife, if certain areas of the skin is still adjacent to the chicken.

Remove the skin from the wings

Keep releasing incised wings.

Remove the skin permanently

Now you have a whole chicken skin halves with wings but no feet, ready for stuffing.

Wash the skin and dry wipes

Rinse it and dry wipes, remove excess fat from it and start to create a festive stuffed chicken.
Good luck!

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