How to separate the stubble of pork ribs?

Servings: 1 Cooking time: 10 minutes

If you cook pork ribs or porkchops, you should know that the film covering the meat from the inside edges of the reservoir should be removed. If it stays on the meat, it will prevent the penetration of seasonings into the meat or smoke (in the case of a barbecue), and it will make the meal less tasty and fragrant.

Some layers of the meat sold to the already remotemuscular film, but you probably will not know that until you will open the packaging of meat. If you buy meat in the market, as a rule, the film remains intact. In this case, we remove it yourself.

Ingredients for a "How to separate the stubble from pork ribs?":

  • a layer of pork ribs;
  • a sharp knife;
  • paper napkins.

Recipe "How to separate the stubble from pork ribs?":

cook pork ribs Pry table knife under the fascia (the so-calledThis film) formation anywhere ribs. If not in one place, in another try. Lift and pull the knife until you can grab it with a paper towel.

cook pork ribs Pull it away from the edges, it should peel off one big plane, but if the film breaks, use a knife to start over somewhere else.

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