Chocolate mousse birthday

Servings: 6 Cooking time: 150 minutes

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Many Favorite treat - chocolate. It is one thing to eat a bar of chocolate and forget about it, as a "sweet dream" and another thing - to cook on the basis of the same tiles amazing chocolate chocolate mousse that will delight its appearance and taste of all family members. And if you apply for a festive table, and all the guests.

Ingredients for "Chocolate mousse birthday":

  • Natural Chocolate - 250 gr.
  • egg yolks - 5 pcs.
  • Sugar - 150 gr.
  • Cream 35% - 500 ml
  • Gelatin - 10 g.
  • Physalis to decorate
  • Recipe for "Chocolate mousse birthday":

    Preparation of chocolate mousse:

    So, to prepare chocolate mousse, first prepare the gelatin. To do this, it bays, according to the instructions, with cold water and give it to swell:

    Fill the gelatin in cold water

    While gelatin swells, let us chocolate. Chocolate should be melted in a water bath. For this pot, which is broken down into small pieces of chocolate to put in another pan of larger diameter, which are filled with water. Water in it warm gradually, and our chocolate to melt.

    Melt the chocolate in a water bath

    We give a little melted chocolate to cool. Also, a water bath is now, beat the egg yolks with the sugar until smooth without grains:

    Beat the egg yolks with the sugar

    And the third step in the preparatory work will be whipping cream:

    Beat the cream to chocolate mousse

    Whisk, fork, mixer, blender - who asconvenient. Importantly, do not kill the cream into butter. All the preparatory work is finished. Now we warm up the gelatin in the microwave or over low heat to a liquid state.

    The main thing is not for it to boil, otherwise it loses its binding properties. Better this process closely monitored. Once the grains dispersed - immediately remove it from the heat.

    Heat the gelatin to a liquid state

    The hot gelatin thus pouring inmelted chocolate and add to the whipped egg yolks with the sugar. All we mix thoroughly and now gently introduce into the mix the beaten egg whites. Again, all carefully stir and pour into a form in which the mousse will solidify. Ideally suited for this purpose jelly form.

    Close the form with a lid or a towel (if there is no cover) and put them in the refrigerator for about three hours, at least to a good chocolate mousse stiffened. After that it can be easily cut into portions.

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