Recipe strawberries with sugar for winter

Servings: 10 Cooking time: 400 minutes

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About how tasty and useful this miracle berrystrawberry, everyone knows hostess. The fact that the berry quickly passes, we also know very well. So as we all like to save a little longer this most tasty berry, we are constantly looking for the most diverse ways. Strawberries can be frozen and dried, and fruit compote - it is the most common method of harvesting. Despite this, neither method can not maintain the maximum strawberry taste and similar to that of a fresh one.

I, like all mothers, was also trying to find a wayberry preserve it for their children, but it was not so easy. When all my attempts have already been tried, I came to a head this recipe. You will not believe, but this recipe strawberries with sugar without the addition of water was the best.

I hasten to share his find with you - the berries do not differ from fresh and stored so they can be all year, until the next harvest.

Ingredients for a "recipe for strawberries with sugar in the winter":

  • Strawberry - 2-3 kilograms;
  • Sugar - to taste;
  • Vanilla sugar - optional;
  • Water - optional;
  • Recipe "Recipe strawberries with sugar in the winter":

    Preparing strawberries with sugar for the winter:

    Pay special attention to the selection of berries. To keep strawberries in winter, you need to take only the very ripe and whole berries. In addition, if at the time of purchase and bulkheads berries you find a little battered berries, do not rush her to throw out or cooking compote from it - from these berries can be cooked a gorgeous strawberry syrup or natural juice of this I'll tell you in other recipes.

    take the whole ripe strawberries

    Ripe berries iterate. in the most convenient bowl pour cold water and throw in her strawberries in small portions.

    Council: Wash the strawberries need to quickly and very carefully, so as not to damage the whole berries. Toss strawberries in small portions into the water and quickly remove, not allowing water to be fed with strawberries - it is that it will become acidic.

    well my strawberries

    Important - Do not wash the strawberries in a colander, soberries will save even more problematic, and even more difficult to wash. Washed strawberries spread also into a large bowl and very carefully remove the hands sepals.

    strawberries on clean tails

    Before preparing the strawberries with the sugar check whether the space in your refrigerator enough - Berry will have to stand in the cold overnight. Fall asleep prepared fruit sugar.

    To strawberries with sugar in this recipe letthe maximum amount of juice, pour layers of berries - 1-2 berries layer sprinkle a little sugar. Sahara will need a bit - try just a little sprinkle each berry with a thin layer.

    strawberries poured sugar

    The top layer fall asleep a lot of -spread evenly over the entire surface about a cup of sugar. Subject strawberries prepared in a refrigerator for about 10-12 hours. Depending on the amount of time can be reduced or increased.

    Watch strawberry - if necessary, gently dip the berries in the resulting syrup. When the strawberries will look something like this, we can assume that the preparation of the preform is completed.

    strawberries in the finished syrup

    Note that the recipe with strawberriesI wrote sugar water and the vanilla sugar. You can add them at will, especially if you are not a very large amount of collected berries. However, in this case, little change workpiece preparation - strawberry syrup will have to be drained and well boiled with water, with the addition of vanilla sugar. Then it must cool down and pour the berries has about 10 hours, so that they are well soaked.

    It now remains to shift the berries in sterile jars - fruit should be well covered with syrup.

    fill jars strawberries

    Sterilizing banks depending on their size - about 10-15 minutes. Important: Time is marked after the syrup boils at banks. Hot cans roll, turn and wrap in a warm place.

    sterilize jars filled

    Once the strawberry has cooled, the banks need to put in a dark place - so they retain their unique color.

    Banks roll up and put in storage

    On a cold winter evening, your loved ones will be pleasantly surprised when on your table would be this wonderful dessert of fresh berries.

    strawberries with sugar is ready

    Our efforts were not in vain - help yourself.
    Bon Appetit!

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