Mushrooms on the grill

Servings: 4 Cooking time: 45 minutes

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There is nothing easier than to cook mushroomsgrill. Mushrooms cooked on the coals, and perfectly suited to fresh vegetables and meat. Mushrooms are very lush and can serve not only as a wonderful side dish, but also served as a separate dish.

Recipe of mushrooms on the grill is very easy, however,to remember certain characteristics of their cooking. Since fungi very quickly lose moisture and can become over dried, it is best to cook them only after they are a little promarinuyutsya. For mushrooms, it is desirable to use olive oil or corn oil, which emphasize their unique taste.

Ingredients for "mushrooms on the grill":

  • Mushrooms - 500g
  • Vegetable oil - 100 ml
  • Spices - to taste
  • Parsley - 1 bunch
  • Garlic - 3-4 cloves (optional)
  • Recipe "mushrooms on the grill":

    How to cook mushrooms on the grill

    Despite the fact that most young champignonssold enough clean before cooking should be a good wash and clean the brush when necessary. To wash the mushrooms is best to use a regular colander, as prolonged washing, they can lose their flavor - Put the mushrooms and wash them under running water.

    Choose a medium-sized mushrooms

    To remove excess water, dry the mushrooms on a towel or napkin.

    Clean the mushrooms brush and dry them on a napkin

    Mushrooms on the grill (the marinade for whichmade from oil and spices), turn out very juicy, but do not lose at the same time its shape and unique flavor. To marinated mushrooms sufficient enough to hold them in the marinade for 30-40 minutes in a cool place, preferably - in the refrigerator.

    If you are using the young mushrooms, you can cook them whole - not cutting off the legs.

    Before you cook mushrooms on the grill, lightly grease the grill grate a small amount of vegetable oil to the mushrooms are not stuck and not lose their juiciness.

    Mushrooms put down their hats and roast 10-15 minutes, until they acquire rosy hue.

    Fry mushrooms on the grill

    If you are preparing a separate dish, mushrooms can be strung on wooden skewers and fry them in a small barbeque.

    Mushrooms Served with fresh herbs

    Prepared mushrooms served to the table, sprinkle with finely chopped parsley or other herbs. Bon Appetit!

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