Hawaiian pizza with sausage and pineapple

Servings: 4 Cooking time: 30 minutes

Recipe pizza with sausage, which you see on this page is very simple and at the same time, it is in its own original. I call it "Hawaiian pizza".

Cook the "southern" pizza can be both summer and winter. By the usual recipe of pizza with sausage, you will need to add a little canned or fresh pineapple. Everything else - from the usual pizza products: ready-made dough, cheese, ketchup, sausage.

Spend a little time - and in the end you will be on the table homemade pizza with sausage and slices of pineapple - tasty, fresh and unusual.

By the way, it is no worse than the Italian pizza willlook Georgian khachapuri with cheese puff pastry or pie kurnik Tatar. These recipes are very easy to master, only to often to please your family a delicious pastries.

Ingredients for "Hawaiian pizza with sausage and pineapple":

  • 200 g frozen pizza dough;
  • 70 g of any hard cheese;
  • 3 tbsp. spoon slices canned pineapple;
  • 150 g smoked sausages (ham, bacon, salami);
  • 2-3 tbsp. spoon tomato sauce or ketchup.

Recipe "Hawaiian pizza with sausage and pineapple":

Heat the oven to 200 oC
Turn on the oven in advance so she warmed up to 200 gr.C.

Roll out the dough into a circle
If you have a frozen dough, turn it out of the freezer for an hour and a half before cooking.
Flatten the dough into a flat circle of 1 cm thick and about 30 cm in diameter. Do it with a rolling pin or bare hands.

We make a rim around the edges of the dough
Use your fingers to make a small rim of the dough on the outer edges of the pizza - it is to bake-ketchup is not dripping with dough on a baking sheet.

Cover the pizza sauce
Put the dough on the 3 tablespoons of sauce or ketchup, and with the back of a spoon spread it evenly over the entire surface of the pizza.

Sprinkle cheese pizza
Grate the cheese on a coarse grater and sprinkle it on top of the sauce.
Cheese can be placed more or less - depending on how you like. But in any case, the sauce should not nearly show through the layer of cheese.

Spread on top of sausage and pineapple
Cut sausage in small slices of any shape and lay it on the pizza surface.
Similarly, lay slices of pineapple. Try to lay the filling evenly.

Place the pizza in the pan
Oil the pan or frying pan without a handle and pass on her pizza.

Bake the pizza in the oven
Bake "Hawaiian" pizza approximately 25-30 minutes, until the moment when the visible part of the test will be a beautiful dark golden brown.

We get pizza from the oven, slice and serve
Ready to remove the pizza from the oven, let it "rest" for 4-5 minutes and cut into eight separate pieces.
Do this in the usual knife or a special knife for pizza (if you have this).
Serve two slices of pizza on a plate.
Bon Appetit!

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