Compote of peaches. Peaches in syrup. Peaches in own juice

Servings: 10 Cooking time: 80 minutes

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The most popular method of preservation -compote of peaches. Try to cook stewed fruit used is not very large, whole, free from damage. Ripe peaches must be very well washed. Many hostesses prefer to shoot with peach skin, I love to roll them without peeling, so they have a more attractive appearance.

Ingredients for "compote of peaches Peaches in syrup Peaches in own juice..":

  • Peaches - 1 kg;
  • Sugar - 1 cup;
  • Water - filling up the banks.
  • Recipe "Compote of peaches Peaches in syrup Peaches in own juice..":

    Preparation of compote of peaches:

    Washed Peaches need to shift into prepared jars.

    Peaches good my

    It is best to use two or three liter jars. Banks certainly my good, lid for closing sterilize in hot water - take out rezinochki and fill with boiling water. In each jar laid peaches - as will fit and fill with boiling water.

    We put peaches in jars

    Water to pour the bottle banks, to allPeaches were well covered. Cover the prepared lids - do not forget to put back rezinochku. If you are using Twist banks, cover with a sterile cover.

    Covered peaches was held at about five to sevenminutes, after which you must carefully drain the water from the cans in a convenient dish for re-boiling. When the water boils again, repeat the procedure and fill with hot water fruits in jars.

    Fill the peaches with hot water

    While peaches are heated, prepare the sugar. Based on a water jar I take one cup of sugar - fruit compote turns sweet, but not cloying. The drain water add sugar and boil for about three minutes, so that the sugar is completely dissolved.

    Depending on the variety of peaches, can take moreand a little citric acid or vanilnohgo sugar - add to your taste, if you like a more flavorful and slightly tart compote, it will be enough a few crystals of acid on the bank. Fill the prepared syrup peaches in jars and immediately roll up and close screw caps.

    Put compote of peaches for storage

    Turn the jars with compote of peaches upside down and leave until cool way.

    Close the jars and turn over

    After the jars to cool down - it is already possible to drink compote. Also you may be interested in the recipe of stewed cherries and strawberries, which will be delicious in hot summer day.

    Preparation of peaches in syrup

    Fruit prepared in this manner can befor filling a variety of desserts and even a sauce for homemade desserts, a recipe which you can see here. Also, peaches in syrup and serve as an independent dessert, which you can enjoy in the winter.

    Prepare the procurement of fresh peachesquite simply, however, calculate their free time so that you had the opportunity to do this for two days. The secret of this dessert is simple - the longer infuse peaches in syrup, the tastier get refreshments.

    First of all, prepare peaches (1 kg.) - It is desirable to take a strong peach varieties such as Golden Jubilee and the like. Also unripe peaches fit great.

    We select ripe peaches

    Peaches very well my, cut in half or three-quarters, and take out the bone.

    Clean the peaches and separate bones

    While we are preparing peaches, must be cooked with sugar (1 kg. Of sugar per 1 kg. Peaches) and water (1 cup of water per 1 kg. Peaches) saturated syrup.

    Boil sugar and water from a thick syrup

    We shift the peaches in a convenient bowl, and pourtheir hot syrup. Now they need to carefully stir and leave in a dark place for 10-12 hours, were filled with enough fruit to the syrup and let the juice. Usually I make this recipe for peaches in the evening, just before the morning they are perfectly insisted.

    Fill the peaches with syrup

    Merge the cooled syrup into a saucepan and boil comfortable for five minutes. If there is foam - remove. Ready to pour the syrup again peaches and leave them until the evening - just 10-12 hours.

    In the evening in peaches will be a lot of syrup,so I get a few cans of pure peach nectar, which is perfect for ice cream and cooking creams for cakes and pies. The third time we boil the syrup for about five minutes, during which time the peaches are displayed on the Bank's net.

    Prepared peaches spread to banks

    Fill the peaches with syrup and roll up, roll up as a separate syrup and overturn.

    Fill the peaches with syrup and roll up

    Preparation for the recipe of peaches in syrupcharacterized by the fact that they can not wrap up - leave until cool and place for storage in a dark place. Cooled peaches can try. The prepared syrup is perfect for pancakes.

    Cooking peaches in own juice:

    Prepared for this recipe is not peacheswill be able to remain indifferent, even those who do not like sweets. Peaches in own juice have natural taste and are very similar to the nectar. Cook peaches, so we will be without the addition of water, so choose a ripe juicy fruit.

    Number of peaches and sugar arbitrary - we takesugar as much as you will need to fill up all the prepared fruit. Usually it takes about 1-2 cups of sugar per kilogram of fruit. Ripe peaches must be well washed and divided into halves.

    Peaches and separate my bones

    Fruits we shift in a convenient bowl layers -peaches layer, a layer of sugar. Sprinkle with sugar abundantly to all prepared peaches were covered. Top laid another layer of peaches and sugar. Put the prepared peaches in the refrigerator, so they let the juice.

    Peaches should let the juice

    Ready peaches can be considered when all the sugar has melted and turns into peach syrup. While infused peaches in the refrigerator - preparing banks.

    Be sure to sterilize jars and lids, which will be preparing our dessert. Prepared peaches in syrup gently we shift into a saucepan and bring it to a boil.

    Prepared boil peaches in juice

    Boil for about three to five minutes, and we shift to the banks. Immediately roll up, turn upside down and wrap up in a warm towel.

    Peaches in juice roll up and turn over

    If desired, you can add a few crystals of citric acid, then the natural juice from the peaches will be even more full-bodied taste.

    Another delicious dessert that will be popular in the winter, namely, apricots in their own juice. Apricots retain their true flavor and do not require the preparation of the addition of sugar.

    Bon Appetit :) .

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