Apricot jam

Servings: 6 Cooking time: 150 minutes

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In the spring, when they begin to appear the firstberries, mistresses are beginning to prepare home-made. Apricots - summer fruit that requires special attention. Due to high content of nutrients and vitamins, apricot dishes are very popular among fans of a healthy diet. But the unforgettable taste and aroma, which is simply impossible to confuse with anything, attract the attention of all lovers of delicious sweets.

Apricot jam recipe is no differentdifficulty - enough to cook the fruit with the sugar. Despite this, the methods of preparation of this wonderful dessert several, each of which is a little different from the other - depending on the maturity of apricots and your taste preferences, you can choose one of them.

Jam can be cooked in several ways -in each case, and the result will be a bit different. If you want to clear the jam with whole pieces of apricot, you have to cook it in several stages. If you like the uniform jam, which is more like a fruit jelly, you can cook it all at once. Look apricot jam recipe with photos and choose the most suitable option for you - you will be able to indulge in the winter and your loved ones a delicious and aromatic dessert.

Ingredients for "Apricot Jam":

  • Apricots - 1 kg
  • Sugar - 800-900 gr
  • Water - 1 cup
  • Recipe "Apricot Jam":

    Recipe of apricot jam

    Before cooking apricot jam, ripe fruit loop through, sort soft and overripe, separately set aside a solid, slightly unripe fruit.

    Apricot need to wash, fold in a colander and clean

    Apricot need to wash, recline in a colander or sieve to glass excess fluid and clear them from seed.

    Dense fruit split into two halves and place in a convenient pan in which you can make jam.

    Dense apricots divided into two halves

    Soft apricots also separated from the bones andput in another bowl for cooking. It is best to take a pot or a metal basin with a wide bottom. This recipe apricot jam is suitable for cooking of other fruit, such as plums or peaches.

    Prepared apricots fill a small amount of sugar - will need about half of the total.

    Prepared apricots fill with sugar

    In a separate bowl dissolve the remnants of the sugar with the water and put on medium heat to cook the syrup.

    Syrup should get thick - stir a wooden or plastic spoon to the sugar does not burn, and is well dissolved. When the syrup comes to a boil, reduce heat, simmer for a few minutes.

    In a separate pan cook the syrup

    For a time, until cooked syrup, apricots should have let his juice.

    Apricot jam will be transparent and apricot pieces remain intact when cooking it in stages. Pour prepared halves of apricot syrup and leave to cool.

    Pour the prepared syrup apricot halves

    If you want to preserve a uniform - it is wellobtained from overripe fruit, it will be possible once the jam to put on the fire, stirring cook until tender about 40 minutes. Do not forget to remove the foam.

    When the syrup has cooled, it must be drained into another bowl and bring to a boil again.

    Syrup merge with apricots and bring to a boil

    Once the syrup comes to a boil, reduce heat, simmer for a few minutes and pour over the apricot halves again.

    Again, leave the apricots in syrup until cool - apricots must be fed with sugar syrup, while, as the syrup will become fruit flavor.

    Depending on the size of the fruits do this procedure three or four times, and then put the pan on the heat and bring to a boil since fruit.

    Again, pour syrup apricots and bring to a boil

    It is enough to boil the jam of apricot fiveminutes and you can move it into jars to store. Ready jam check is easy - apricot pieces have become transparent to the light.

    Hot jam should immediately be expanded in jars and close their lids. Best fit screw caps.

    Apricot jam expanded in banks

    Jam with apricots can be cooked quickly -soft, very ripe fruit can be cooked at once. However, it should be stirred all the time, not allowing to burn on. You can grind very soft fruit in a meat grinder or use a blender to puree, then the jam will be more uniform and it can be used for making cakes. The rest of the process for preparing the same - to fill part of the sugar, pour the syrup and cook until tender.

    Apricot jam can be served to the table

    jam taste will be more rich, if at the end of cooking, add a little lemon juice or a few crystals of citric acid.

    Jam, cooked in this recipe,well stored at room temperature until the next season of competition these amazing fruit. But to try and serve him, you can almost immediately - as soon as it cools down. Bon Appetit!

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