Jam made from apples with sugar for winter

Servings: 8 Cooking time: 220 minutes

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In mid-August, and September beginsseason apple harvest. At this time, a variety of mature apples and each hostess can cook a variety of home-made from this tasty and healthy fruit. Compotes, marmalades and jams, pickled and marinated apples - apples can be cooked a lot of delicious preparations. The easiest way to apples preparations for the winter is a jam, the more it does not need to have any special culinary skills.

Many hostesses have their own secretscooking fragrant sweetness, but the most popular is still the jam without adding water. Cooked apples for this recipe become unusually beautiful appearance - the pieces will be transparent to the light and have an amber tint. For this home workpiece you only need apples and sugar, the amount of which must be the same.

Ingredients for "Jam made from apples with sugar for the winter":

  • Apples - 1 kg;
  • Sugar - 1 kg;
  • Recipe "Jam from apples and sugar for the winter":

    Cooking jam from apples:

    To make jam, you need to be good to wash the apples, cut in half and remove the core with the seeds. Peel should not be removed from the apples.

    Apples for jam and my clean from seeds

    Prepared apples cut into slices not too thin.

    Peeled apples cut into medium slices thickness

    To make jam from apples must be takenthe same amount of fruit and sugar. Sliced ​​apples pour sugar. It is advisable to cook the apples to the pan, which will be cooked jam to transfusion to another dish not decreased the amount of syrup.

    Ready to jam apples poured sugar

    We set aside the apples to sugar soakedapple juice and turned into a thick syrup. Typically, this procedure requires 10-12 hours, so it is best to prepare the apples in the evening. When the apples are a good start up the juice and sugar is almost melted, it is necessary to put the pan with the workpiece over medium heat. We bring the jam to a boil and cook for 15 minutes. After that the apples again allowed to cool.

    We bring the jam to a boil and cook for a few minutes

    When apple jam cools, it will need toagain put on medium heat and boil for about 7-10 minutes. Foam is not usually the case when cooking and you will see how the apples become golden hue. Also supply jam to cool for about an hour. During this time, we prepare the clean jars in which we are ready to lay jam.

    When the jam has cooled down again, it must againput on the stove and bring to a boil over low heat for longer. Boil the jam until you need, as long as it does not become thick enough, and apple slices do not become transparent - about 10 minutes. Ready-made jam from apples need to be expanded in a clean jar.

    Arrange the finished jam into jars of apples

    Ready-made jam will be to try as soon as it cools down. Serve the table jam, use it for desserts and homemade cakes.

    Ready-made apple jam served at the table

    Jars of jam are well kept at room temperature. Bon Appetit!

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