Jam made from peaches for the winter

Servings: 6 Cooking time: 400 minutes

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All the hostesses are looking forward to the start of the summerseason. In the summer you need to do so much that you get bored just do not have time. It's time to start preparing home-made, are such a pleasure to eat in a cold and cloudy winter evening. First billet - a fruit that are so fast that you need to catch every spare minute to make healthy and tasty pieces as much as possible.

The recipe for jam from peaches is very simple and does notIt requires little effort - this method of home-made fit even novice hostesses. Depending on the variety of peaches, they can be prepared with both the skin and without it. To pieces remained intact peach is best to use solid fruit, you can even take a little immature. Peach jam recipe is easy to remember, is only cook it once. Aromatic and very tasty jam can be used as a basis for making jelly, puddings and sauces. To prepare the dessert you can take not very ripe or overripe fruits that are not suitable for storing fresh.

Ingredients for "Jam peaches for the winter":

  • Peaches - 1.5 kg
  • Sugar - 1 kg
  • Lemon - 1 pc
  • Recipe "jam peaches for the winter":

    The recipe for jam from peaches

    Set for preparation of productsa wonderful dessert is very simple - you need the peaches, sugar and one medium-sized lemon. In addition, before a jam from peaches, you will need to prepare a clean sterile jars. To do this, they need to be well washed with warm water and baking soda, and then sterilized by steaming or microwaving or Aerogrill at a temperature of 100 degrees. Do not forget to sterilize and cover.

    Peaches good wash and fold in a colander

    Peaches are well washed, cut into small slices and shift into a comfortable enamel bowl.

    Peaches is well washed and cut in small slices

    In another pan pour the sugar, add 250gram of water and cook for five to seven minutes over low heat to dissolve sugar completely. Stir constantly with a wooden spoon, otherwise the sugar will burn and the jam will not have a very good taste. When the foam stops rising, the syrup is ready.

    From the sugar and water syrup compare

    Syrup remove from heat and cool.

    Pour the prepared peaches cold syrup, bring to simmer to a boil and remove from heat.

    Pour peach syrup and bring to a boil

    Jam made from peaches for the winter will be even more fragrant when in syrup add a little vanilla sugar or cinnamon stick.

    Lemon need a good wash, then dip them inboiling water for one minute. Thereafter, lemon cut in two halves and gently squeeze the juice. Do not forget to clean the bones, if they get in a jam, it will taste bitter.

    Jam cooled down again, put on fire and bring to a boil, and then continue to cook over low heat for about 20-25 minutes, removing the foam.

    Peach jam cook until tender

    Again, turn off the heat and leave to cool jam.

    Cold jam will need to bring to a boil and immediately hot decomposed into banks and roll. To the banks do not burst, hold them a few seconds over the hot steam, so they warmed up.

    Carefully fill the jars of peach jam, roll or twist cap. To avoid formation of dew, try to pour banks almost to the neck.

    Carefully fill the jars of peach jam

    Jars with jam ready to put uplids and well wrap up warm blanket or towel. Turn over, when the banks are well cools down - after about 8-10 hours. Jam can be stored at room temperature until the next season.

    Jars with lids and put up a good wrap

    If you want to cook the jam without the skin of a ripe fruit, you will need to do a little bit different.

    Dip the peaches in hot water for a few minutes, then carefully remove the peel.

    Cut peaches arbitrarily - slices or halves, fill with sugar, add the juice of a fresh lemon.

    Leave the peaches in a cool place for about two to three hours until the weight of the sugar is absorbed into the liberated juice.

    Put a bowl with peaches on the heat and simmer until tender.

    Jam made from peaches for the winter put on storage

    Ready jam define very simple -Drip a few drops on a piece of paper and turn. If the drop remains intact, and around it on paper is not formed watery spot, ready to jam and it can shift to the banks. Cooked this way jam will be more uniform and perfect for a wonderful baking - cakes and pies.

    No less delicious is a simple and a sandwich fromwhite bread and flavored jam, which will be to try as soon as it cools down. To give the dessert extra flavor, you can add lemon with a little orange zest. Bon Appetit!

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