Jam made from home-drain

Servings: 8 Cooking time: 220 minutes

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All the hostesses are looking forward to the summer toto prepare for the winter a variety of workpiece. Homemade jam - one of the most popular types of home canning. Cook the jam from plums alone is not difficult, and the taste of this wonderful dessert does not go to any comparison with what is available in stores.

Home harvesting has the advantage,that you are adjusting the quantity of products used for cooking. If desired, you can increase or decrease the amount of sugar, add favorite spices and condiments.
Homemade jam can be prepared not only plumsvarious grades, but also to add other fruits and berries in it. I offer you several options of this amazing dessert - sure to cook this recipe for jam, you can easily.

Ingredients for "Jam of plums at home":

  • Ripe plums - 3 kg;
  • Sugar - 2 kg;
  • Recipe "Jam of plums at home":

    Cooking jam for the winter plums:

    Plums can take and immature, and very overripe. Very good wash and give to drain the water.

    Any good my plums in water

    Try to gently remove the seeds - for this you can use a knife and cut into halves.

    Remove the bones from the drain

    In order to let the plum juice, spread them in a convenient bowl and fill with sugar.

    Fall asleep prepared plum sugar

    Put the bowl in the refrigerator for a few hours - to all the sugar was absorbed. Then gently stir and put on a slow fire. Heated to a boil and immediately remove from heat.

    We would like plums in syrup to boil

    We wait until the jam has cooled and again bring to a boil.

    Chilled jam again bring to a boil

    This procedure was repeated two more times. Tip: To remove the jam was transparent foam during cooking. Check readiness can be as draining - berries must be transparent. In winter you need to style jam into sterilized jars immediately with hot and close the lids.

    Hot jam from plums immediately decompose on the banks.

    Jam hot decompose into banks

    Prepared jars of jam, just roll up.

    Jam on the home sink roll up in banks

    To eat, you can jam and once - sweet and sour jam magnificent dessert that is suitable not only for tea, but also as a filling for pies. Bon Appetit!

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