Jam made from red tomatoes

Servings: 10 Cooking time: 400 minutes

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Cook jam from strawberries and cherries frompeaches and apricots - that's what they think hostess during the ripening season of fruits and berries. However, you can prepare and jam of red tomato - delicious and beautiful dessert.
Domestic billet tomato occupy a large portion of all home-canned, but the main ones are pickles and marinades.

Remains of tomatoes used for cookingjuice and fruit drinks, ketchup and sauce, while overlook the possibility of preparation of sweet dessert. Red ripe tomatoes have a pleasant sweet-sour taste, which in combination with sugar syrup turns into a surprisingly delicious jam. Try a simple way of making this unusual jam - it will not disappoint you.

Of green tomatoes can be cooked very tasty jams, which can be used for filling pies and cakes and other home-baked.

Ingredients for "Jam made of red tomatoes":

  • Jam made from red tomatoes
  • >
  • Red strong tomatoes - 1 kg
  • Sugar - 1 cup
  • Orange - 1 joke
  • Lemon - 1 piece
  • Vanilla sugar - 1 package
  • Ginger - optional / on the tip of a teaspoon /
  • Jam made from green tomatoes
  • >
  • green tomatoes - 1 kg
  • Sugar - 6 cups
  • Water - 300 grams or 1.5 cups
  • Jam with lemon and green tomato
  • >
  • Sugar kg -1
  • Tomatoes - 1 kg
  • Lemon and vanilla sugar - optional
  • Recipe "jam of red tomatoes":

    Preparation for the winter jam of red tomato:

    Jam will prepare tomato without skin, it is necessary to choose a strong ripe fruit.

    Choosing jam ripe tomatoes strong

    Rinse well under running water and pour a little boiling water.

    Fill the tomatoes with hot water clean

    Keeping the tomatoes in boiling water for about three minutes, then cool immediately in cold water. Carefully remove the skin and cut the tomatoes into small cubes.

    Remove from the peel tomatoes and cut into pieces

    Orange and lemon scalded with boiling water, then carefully remove the peel. Do not forget to remove and bones, otherwise they will give jam bitterness. Cut oranges and lemons and small pieces.

    Cut oranges and lemons, finely

    Ginger can be used and dried, and fresh. Fresh to clean and grate. Dry - add to taste. All products are carefully stir and fill with sugar.

    Tomatoes, orange and lemon poured sugar

    Leave the tomatoes for one hour, so they let the juice and sugar is turned into syrup. After that, quite the jam boil for five minutes - on medium heat.

    Cook tomato jam five minutes

    Council: cook all the food at once in an enamel bowl, so that did not need to shift after the sugar has melted. After Prokip tomatoes, set aside until cool them - about an hour. The last stage of cooking - prepared jam cook on low heat for about half an hour, after which it must be hot immediately decomposed by the banks.

    Pamidorau Ready jam expanded in banks

    Ready lie very well kept for a long time, and try as soon as possible, as soon as it cools down.

    Ready-made jam of red tomato

    For more convincing can put the guests two options tomato jam - your culinary skills do not remain not valued.
    Jam made from green tomatoes
    For the preparation of this jam, you can use any unripe tomatoes. Jam will turn a beautiful emerald color and appearance remind exotic kiwi.

    Take a medium-sized green tomatoes

    Of the required amount of sugar and water boilsyrup - six cups of sugar pour one and a half cups of water and cook over low heat until the syrup will not be uniform. Small tomato can be used as a whole, larger cut into halves or quarters.

    Cut green tomatoes into pieces

    Ready syrup cool and pour the tomatoes. Tomatoes prepared in this manner is left for overnight at room temperature. The next day, drain the syrup must be carefully - it is best to use a colander.

    Fill the tomato syrup

    Syrup bring to a boil and pour the tomatoes.

    We reserve the tomatoes in syrup

    For the first time pour the cold syrup, the second -hot! Also repeat the procedure the next day - pour hot syrup. On the fourth day of the syrup do not merge, and put on low heat and cook until tender.

    Cook the jam of green tomatoes until tender

    Ready jam is very easy to determine -drip a drop of syrup on a piece of paper and leave it for a few seconds. If the drops are not stood out around the water, the paper remains dry and drop does not spread, so the jam is ready. Sami tomatoes should be transparent.

    Council: before cooking jam should be removed from the skin of tomatoes. To do this, we turn to throw the fruit in hot, then cold water. After that, the skin is fairly easy to remove. If you want to make jam of green tomatoes faster way, you can use this recipe. For him, it is desirable to take a tomato and milk ripeness - not very green, but not brown.
    Jam with lemon and green tomato
    Tomatoes are very good wash and cut into four to six pieces of cloves.

    Green tomatoes cut into slices

    Prepared in this way we spread the tomatoes in a plastic container or bag and freeze.

    Freezing green tomatoes

    After freeze tomatoes, remove them from thefreezer and thawed. Juice, which was formed during defrosting must be drained. Lemon finely cut with a knife or grind in a meat grinder - the rind is not clean.

    Lemon peel finely cut

    Do not remove the peel and tomato. Mix the lemon, sugar and Pamidorau slices and leave in the fridge for the night - 10 hours.

    Mix green tomatoes and lemon

    After this cook three times for 15 minutes - after each cooking tomatoes is removed, to cool for two hours. Ready-made jam decomposed by the banks.

    Cook faster green tomato jam served at the table

    Perfectly suitable for jam pancakes and pancakes, it is possible to stuff pies and cakes, used to prepare the dessert. Bon Appetit!

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