Plum jam without sugar for winter

Servings: 8 Cooking time: 80 minutes

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Very easy to prepare harvesting of ripefruit and sugar, but not everyone can afford the luxury to try this sweet treat. The reasons for this may be several - sugar intolerance, allergy and diathesis, disease diabetes, diet, not love of cloying sweet desserts and a simple lack of sugar in the house.

Homemade plum jam without sugar fits allWithout exception, you can even give the younger kiddies. Completely natural taste of ripe fruit - the forgotten taste homemade sweets, which once were prepared by our grandmothers. In a season when a large number of mature apples and plums, not every hostess dare to spend a few tens of kilograms of sugar to prepare the domestic preparations, as a result - the fruit disappear. To save as many as possible of these fragrant and useful berry, there is a simple way - to cook a delicious meal with no added sugar.

Ingredients for "Plum jam without sugar for the winter":

  • Plums - 1 kg;
  • Water - 1 cup;
  • Recipe "Plum jam without sugar for the winter":

    Preparation of plums jam without sugar:

    Ripe plums are well my under running water.

    Ripe plum wash and remove the tails

    Remove the bones and add up to a comfortable enameled pots for cooking.

    Plums pitted for jam laid in a pan or bowl

    Fill the prepared plums water.

    Fill with cold water peeled plum

    Cook over medium heat until tender - do not forget to stir, using a wooden spoon or spatula.

    Cook without stirring plum jam sugar

    Tip: check the readiness of jam is very simple - the mass should be reduced by about two times and be sufficiently homogeneous. Hot fill jam jars to shoulders.

    Hot jam we shift to the banks

    Tip: Before filling the banks need a little warm up on the ferry. Banks jam without sugar plums immediately roll up and turn over.

    Banks with jam of plums, do not forget to turn

    Wraps and cool. Chilled jam is already possible to try.

    Cold jam without sugar can bring to the table

    Keep jars at room temperature. Bon Appetit!

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