Cutlets with a prescription from Tekirdag

Servings: 6 Cooking time: 45 minutes

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Turkey is a multi-ethnic country, inwhere people live not only representing different nationalities and faith, but also to those who keep the secrets of the kitchen of their ancestors. In every town you can find a great variety of dishes are very similar, but each of them has its own special zest.

These burgers are very well suited for summertime of year, as well as pork recipe baked in foil, when in the heat do not want to load your body with heavy fatty meal. This can be called a dietary chops, because they are not part of any bread or eggs or potatoes. Juicy burgers perfectly combined with fresh vegetables, but if you want you can submit to them any other garnish posytnee.

Ingredients for a "cutlets according to the recipe of Tekirdag":

  • Minced meat - 500 grams;
  • Bow -1-2 pieces;
  • Tomatoes - 2-3 pieces;
  • Parsley - to taste;
  • Starch - one teaspoon;
  • Breadcrumbs - preferably cereals;
  • The recipe "meatballs recipe from Tekirdag":

    Cooking Chicken recipe from Tekirdag

    In Tekirdag prepare some kind of meatmeatballs, you probably could try when vacationing in this wonderful country. However, I have decided to introduce you to the most delicious and simple burgers, for the preparation of which you do not take a long time. The dish is a surprisingly hearty and delicious, and the caloric value of its small enough, therefore, is well suited for those who are sitting on a diet.

    Minced meat may be taken if desired - it may be a lamb, you can take the pork or beef mixed from several kind of meat.

    Take the minced meat

    Grind in a meat grinder onion and add it to the stuffing. Also, add salt to taste and, if desired slightly fragrant black pepper.

    Add the minced meat - onion, salt and pepper

    To Get Juicy burgers, addtwo or three pieces of ripe tomatoes. You can chop the tomatoes on a meat grinder, but it will be much faster if you cut the tomatoes into halves and natret them on a grater. Thus, the skin comes off gently and the juice is not very liquid.

    Tomatoes rubbed on a grater

    parsley finely cut with a knife.

    Chopped parsley for meatballs

    Do not use other herbs, such as dill. It is better to add a little finely chopped green onions. Very good mix beef, if the juice in tomatoes were many - drain.

    Mix minced meat and draining

    To burgers not collapsed during roasting, add a little potato starch.

    Add the starch to minced meat

    Now we need to once again well mixed minced meat and chops can be formed.

    From stuffing forming patties

    Boned cutlet in bread suhrayah. Better not to use bread crumbs, these burgers are much tastier, if you take the breading cereal.

    Boned cutlets in breadcrumbs

    Fry patties on a well heated pan on all sides. Serve meatballs for this recipe with fresh vegetables - tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, green onions.

    You can use the other side dishes of your choice, for example with fries. Bon Appetit!

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