Khinkali Georgian

Servings: 5 Cooking time: 150 minutes

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The variety is huge ravioli. But if the Russian - a Siberian dumplings, the Italians - ravioli, the Georgians is, of course, khinkali that differ from their counterparts in the mandatory addition of minced cilantro.

As there khinkali

Khinkali eat only by hands. If they have, using cutlery, you them simply pierce, and of them spilled the precious juice, for which, in fact, are appreciated. Properly eat them as follows. Hands are taken for the tip, gently nadkusyvayut it, drink broth and then to eat all the meat and dough, except for the very top (do not eat it).

Ingredients for "Khinkali in Georgian":

  • For the dough:
  • >
  • Flour - 500 g.
  • Drinking water - 1 cup
  • Eggs - 1 pc.
  • Salt
  • For filling:
  • >
  • Lamb and pork (each type of meat 250 grams)
  • Onions - 250-300 grams.
  • broth
  • Salt, pepper, herbs (dill, coriander)
  • Recipe "Khinkali in Georgian":

    Preparation khinkali Georgian:

    The hardest part of cooking khinkali - this batchtest, which should have an elastic, not to be cool and not break during cooking, releasing the precious juice. To prepare the dough take a deep dish, which pour the flour into a mound shape. In the center of the hill make a recess which pour warm water and add the egg and salt.

    Add the egg to the flour and salt

    Of the products connected together kneadelastic dough, which is covered with a towel or cloth and remove to the side on the half an hour that it "rested". And in the meantime, we undertake the preparation of minced meat. Meat, preferably, finely chopped, but in our case it means mince.

    To prepare khinkali add cilantro

    The meat add finely chopped onion anddilute minced meat broth. Pour broth gradually, slowly, making sure that the meat absorbed the juice, and add it as much as it can absorb (it will be the juice, which should be protected especially carefully when cooking products). Well, of course, for making khinkali, add salt, pepper and coriander necessarily.

    Put the stuffing in the dough

    After thirty minutes, or untilprepared beef, divide the dough into small equal pieces and roll out of these thin cakes. In the middle of tortillas put the stuffing each, by weight equal to the weight of the dough around and locked all of the node, which ends meet in small folds. At the top of the product is left a small tail, of which actually will be then taken khinkali.

    Dough khinkali Georgian

    It is imperative to make sure that the dough is not torn or cracked. Cook khinkali in Georgian, in boiling salted water until they float to the top. To take out very carefully so as not to damage the dough.

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