Lazy dumplings with cottage cheese and sour cream

Servings: 5 Cooking time: 15 minutes

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Dive into the taste, familiar to many from his childhood,when my mother or grandmother gently cradled his lullabies ... Dumplings - the weakness of every man who loves a tasty and filling meal. It is a treat any child, and the pride of a good housewife. They can even turn everyday meals into a long-awaited holiday.

But not everyone has the time and desire to sculpt dumplingsstuffed inside. For those who keep the tradition of quality and wishes to obtain fragrant and appetizing dish for a few minutes, and created lazy dumplings with cottage cheese. Served with butter, sour cream and herbs, they will decorate any table, and their wonderful aroma fills a sense of prosperity every home.

Ingredients for "Lazy dumplings with cottage cheese and sour cream":

  • Cottage cheese - 350 g;
  • Eggs - 2 pcs;
  • Vanilla - 5 g;
  • Sugar - to taste (Recipe 3 tbsp.);
  • Salt - a little (salt the water);
  • Flour - to face up to the desired consistency (in the recipe 150-200 g).
  • The recipe for "Lazy dumplings with cottage cheese and sour cream":

    Preparation lazy cheese dumplings:

    Put the pan on the stove to warm tosalted water. In this capacity and our future will be prepared delicious dumplings. Do not take too much volume, as dumplings are placed in the cooking process - portions. Take a broad convenient container and spread in her cottage cheese, vanilla, sugar and beaten eggs separately.

    It is much more convenient to take a bowl with sloping edges, rather than with straight flanges, so rubbing test with a fork to obtain qualitatively. Triturated with a fork until a homogeneous structure.

    Rubs cheese with sugar and eggs

    The perfect homogeneity of the bulk is notachieve, as cheese denser. The result we need - the acquisition of a uniform yellowish color (from the yolks). Do not worry, in the process of cooking dumplings will turn white!

    The resulting mixture add flour in small portions, vymeshivaya the dough with a fork after each addition.

    Carefully add the flour cottage cheese

    mass density should be such that from itI could sculpt, and she did not stick to your hands. Prepare a work surface, slightly floured, for this it is convenient to use a wide cutting board.

    We extract first portion Of curd doughmodeling the size of a palm. Put a portion of the surface floured and begin to gently roll her "sausage". The thickness of the flagellum about 2-2.5 cm in diameter.

    Form the dough into the middle flagellum

    After rolling a sharp knife cut the harness toequal shares (squares or rectangles). How would you cut roll out "sausage", dumplings turn out beautiful for little rounded at the edges of the cooking process.

    Cut the dough into small pieces

    To this point the water delivered to the "fire"usually already boiling. The gas or the temperature of the tiles need a little "subtract", but so that the water continued to boil slightly. The resulting preform future dumplings on the cut look like this.

    Lazy dumplings do about this form

    Omit the first cut dumplings in salted water. They always sink to the bottom of the pan.

    Drop a lazy dumplings in boiling water

    We continue along the same lines: take a new batch of dough - kata "sausage" - chop it into chunks - drop into the pan. Remember that the lower the new dumplings into the water can be, even when some of the previously lowered "semi-finished" More are on the bottom of the pot.

    Lazy dumplings are ready when they surfaced! All surfaced on the surface of the water "kids" have to be caught in any convenient object, excluding the associated water withdrawals from the pan. Ideal - spoon-skimmer.


    Continue all on the already known scheme asthen until the end of cottage cheese dough. Ready-made (caught) dumplings desirable lightly greased with butter, so they do not stick together with each other in the future.

    Ready lazy dumplings served at the table

    Serve lazy dumplings with cottage cheese can be anything: sour cream, chopped herbs, "condensed milk" or jam. The main thing is that it is very tasty and wholesome food even for kids.

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