Pork baked in foil

Servings: 6 Cooking time: 150 minutes

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Meat is an integral part of almostevery festive table, but sometimes housewives do not know how you can cook it in a new way, but it is easy and simple. In fact, it can be done without much effort, the main thing - to make a little imagination.

This pork recipe baked in foil suitfor all seasons, as it is perfectly nourishes, but does not cause a feeling of heaviness, which often can be seen by eating roasted meat in the summer. Also you may be interested in the recipe of pork wrapped in bacon and potatoes, which is obtained unusually lush.

Ingredients for "Pork baked in foil":

  • Pork meat (flesh) - 500g
  • Mustard with whole grains - 1 pack
  • Green apple - 1 large (2 small)
  • Salt and pepper - to taste
  • Recipe for "Pork baked in foil":

    Cooking pork in foil:

    Already when buying meat should remember that it is possibletake not only the flesh, but also any other part of the pork - tenderloin, loin, ham. The selected meat and will depend on the final characteristics of the food, because the better the meat, the more tender it will turn out.

    Ingredients for cooking meat in a foil

    The meat should be washed, cut the sheet of foil, putit meat. Then add salt and pepper to taste (any other spices, it is desirable not to use because of the likelihood of mixing flavors). Mustard is distributed evenly over the surface of the meat on all sides.

    Lubricate pork with mustard and spices

    Better to choose is not too liquid, otherwise it will not stay on the meat. Cover should be an even layer, without gaps, it usually takes a packet (jar) mustard.

    Apple washed, seeds removed, cut intosmall pieces. You can, if necessary, to take not only a green apple, but also any other, the main thing - that it was not sweet. The cut fruit evenly placed on top of the pork mustard.

    We spread the apples for pork

    If in some places there are gaps, it is better to add the apple. After this pork wrapped tightly in aluminum foil and sent for 1 - 1.5 hours in an oven, preheated to 180 degrees.

    Wrap the pork in foil

    After cooking the meat, you can immediately apply to the table. It will come out juicy and spicy. In food as a sauce may be used, baked apples with mustard.

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