Pork ribs in Aerogrill

Servings: 4 Cooking time: 45 minutes

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Tomato paste is a wonderful marinadefor the preparation of meat dishes. The acid, which is contained in the tomato paste, makes the meat soft and tender. Pork ribs in Aerogrill marinated in tomato sauce, obtained juicy and very tender, with their preparation takes half the time, if you cook them in the oven.

Ingredients for "Pork ribs in Aerogrill":

  • Pork ribs - 1 kg;
  • Tomato paste;
  • Water;
  • Salt;
  • Sugar;
  • Black allspice;
  • Recipe for "Pork ribs in Aerogrill":


    Tomato paste is very thick, so do not fitin pure form for the marinade. Therefore, it is necessary to dilute the water to get the consistency of the sauce, add salt to taste, sugar, finely chopped garlic and allspice.

    preparing tomato sauce

    Pork ribs in Aerogrill obtained incredibly tender and juicy, with a tomato would make them very beautiful and rosy.

    Ribs should be well rinsed and possibly cut portions.

    Ribs well rinsed

    If the ribs are too big, ask the butcher to cut.

    Ribs gently cut

    Cut the ribs so that each bone was a good piece of flesh.

    The resulting sauce we coat each piece and leave them to marinate for 15-20 minutes.

    pickle ribs in sauce

    Once the meat is marinated markedly, spread it on a baking aerogrill.

    Put the chops in the pan

    Council: to start cooking pork ribs in Aerogrill are kindly aerogrill warm to a temperature of 175 degrees. Do not lay out food on a cold aerogrill - from this land and they would lose their juiciness. Do not lay the pieces very close to each other - leave a space between them of about 2-3 centimeters heat, then they will be evenly roasted for better circulation.

    lubricates ribs sauce during cooking

    Bake prepared meat pieces for about 20 minutes.

    Tip: the meat has turned a rich taste, every 5-7 minutes of cooking grease each piece sauce.

    delicious ribs are ready

    Ready ribs spread on a plate and servewith a garnish of boiled or roasted potatoes, ribs and perfectly combined with a salad of fresh vegetables. Vegetables and greens cut into large pieces. Bon Appetit!

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