Pork with tomato in a pan

Servings: 4 Cooking time: 15 minutes

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No dining table is inconceivableimagine without meat. But despite the diversity of pork recipes, many mistresses often prefer to cook traditional food - meat with potatoes, stew or roast. In fact, meat and vegetables can be cooked a lot of interesting light meals, for example - pork with tomatoes in a pan.

Prepared for this recipe porkit turns out juicy and flavorful, it can serve as an independent and treats, with any side dish. If you stick to a diet or worry about their figure, this meal is perfect for your diet.

Ingredients for "Pork with tomato in a pan":

  • Pork - 200 g
  • Tomato - 2-3 pc
  • Leek - 1 stalk
  • Sweet pepper - 1 piece (optional)
  • Salt and allspice - to taste
  • Vegetable oil - for frying
  • Recipe for "Pork with tomato in a pan":

    How to cook roast pork with tomatoes

    Easy, but very satisfying dish is very simple prigotovit- need to take a piece of pig's flesh, some tomatoes and one stalk of leeks.

    Meat cut into several pieces - across the grain and is well to repel a culinary hammer. The thinner the meat, the faster you will be able to cook this wonderful treat.

    Meat fight off and cut into strips

    Thin chops with a sharp knife cut into strips or squares - as it will.

    Prepared meat fry in a pan until cooked. To Pork acquired a beautiful golden brown, you will need to add oil after all the liquid from the meat evaporates.

    Since the meat is thin, it is cooked quickly, therefore please prepare the vegetables.

    Tomatoes Wash, dry and cut into medium-sized cubes.

    Tomatoes cut into medium cubes

    Adding bell peppers, cut into thin strips.

    Leek cut into rings or strips - leave little rings to decorate the finished dish.

    Leek cut into rings or strips

    When the meat is ready - after about 15 minutes, you can add vegetables and salt.

    For meat to be fed with vegetable flavor, you can reduce the fire and put it out a few minutes under the lid.

    Pork with tomato in a pan ready

    Fried pork with tomato ready. Before serving sprinkle with onion rings or leek finely chopped parsley. Bon Appetit!

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