A duck on a spit

Servings: 6 Cooking time: 400 minutes

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Spit - a long rigid rod, whichstrung products and fry over medium heat or coals. Due to the fact that the spit rotates constantly, food is roasted evenly and get a very juicy, since the internal juice of vegetables or meat have time to be distributed to all parts of the same. This cooking appliance is one of the oldest - it was very popular in the Middle Ages. Due to the fact that the device is quite simple and allows you to roast the carcasses of certain animals as a whole, it remains very popular in modern cooking.

Recipe duck on a skewer is also quiteancient, since hunting was one of the first ways to find food products. Despite the fact that modern humans are rarely hunters, food cooked on the grill, still considered one of the most delicious and healthy. Camping is inextricably linked with the fire and barbecue, so those rare moments when people are selected on the nature, turn them into a real holiday, which can not be imagined without a delicious and fragrant treats.

Duck on the grill (which recipeattached below) - a wonderful dish that is always nice to see on the holiday table. As the duck is quite a thick layer of fat, then cook it in the usual way as chicken or turkey, is undesirable, otherwise the dish will turn bold, and the meat will be tough and not tasty. The best way to prepare the bird - BBQ, the only way to really can appreciate the true value of this wonderful game, which is no wonder since ancient times prepared only on the most solemn occasions.

Ingredients for "Duck on a spit":

  • Duck - 1 pc
  • Sol - 2-3 tsp.
  • Paprika - 1 tbsp. a spoon
  • Sweet pepper - 1/2 tsp.
  • Dried herbs - optional
  • Recipe "Duck on a spit":

    How to cook a duck on a spit

    Rotisserie for cooking poultry should be chosenstrong enough - if you are going to cook a duck in nature, using the means at hand, then try to trim a skewer, which will not sag under the weight of its weight. So, going on a picnic, take care of everything in advance.

    Before you cook the duck on a spit, itIt should be carefully prepared - to a bird turned out juicy and soft, it should be good gut and soak in cold water for at least eight hours.

    Duck gut and good soak

    Soaked duck will need a good wipe fromexcess fluid a little incision in the skin. This is done in order to free up internal fat that drips out will, when ready duck on the grill. We make a small longitudinal incisions across the carcass - you can do it with diamonds of the same size.

    We make small incisions in the skin over the entire carcass

    After that, rub the inside of the carcass with salt andspices - it is possible to use black pepper and fragrant dried herbs. Outside duck rub a thin layer of salt and red pepper - paprika, it will give the finished bird pleasant golden hue.

    Visceral fat from ducks, it is desirable to remove, but to make it more juicy, can be put inside a piece of lard or butter.

    We put on the prepared carcass on a spit and roastCharcoal. If the bird is not very large, the duck on the spit must be at a distance of 20 cm over the coals. Major carcass should toast at a distance of 40-45 centimeters.

    We put the duck on a skewer and roast until tender

    To duck had a nice crust, but insideremained soft and juicy, it must first be fried at a high temperature, and then bring to the readiness of the less hot coals, for it can be a little sprinkle them with water or marinade.

    Duck, roasted on a spit, served at the table

    Roast duck on a skewer will be ready in about 40-50 minutes, depending on its size. Bon Appetit!

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