Mushrooms on the grill

Servings: 6 Cooking time: 45 minutes

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White button mushrooms are the mostcommon mushroom in the world, so do not accidentally cooking mushroom dishes occupy one of the most important places. Due to the fact that mushrooms contain a large amount of minerals, vitamins, protein, fiber and sugar, their food consumption has a positive effect on health. The peculiarity of mushrooms is that they help to remove fatigue, so they are often included in various diets, when limiting nutrient leads to weakness.

Thanks to inexpensive price, taste and brightavailability they have become the most common of fungi which are used in cooking. Mushrooms mushrooms on the grill out very tasty and juicy - thanks to minimal thermal processing, they retain their unique flavor and taste. Mushrooms can be cooked whole, as a separate dish, or in combination with meat and vegetables can be marinated and stuffed. Cooking mushrooms on the grill does not require long preparation, so going to the nature, will certainly bring your these wonderful mushrooms.

Ingredients for "mushrooms on the grill":

  • Mushrooms - 500g
  • Vegetable oil - 100 ml
  • half of lemon
  • Salt - a pinch
  • Parsley - to taste
  • Tomato - 2-3 pc
  • Cheese - 100 gr
  • Recipe "mushrooms on the grill":

    How to cook mushrooms on the grill

    Before how to cook mushrooms ongrill, be sure to marinate them. This is to ensure that they do not dry and remain juicy frying. Mushrooms lose moisture very quickly, so do not store long oh - always use them only in fresh form.

    Fresh mushrooms

    Prepared mushrooms quickly rinse in cold water and dry them before pouring the marinade. Do not hold the mushrooms in water for a long time, or they will begin to lose its flavor.
    It is best to pickle mushrooms on the grill with olive oil, but in its absence, you can use any refined vegetable oil - sunflower or corn.

    Gently cleanse the mushrooms - separate the legs from the hats.
    Feet from mushrooms do not throw away, and put them in a separate container - they can be used for filling.

    Separate the mushroom caps on the legs

    If you have got small mushrooms, you can use them with whole legs or cut into two halves.
    Fresh or dried parsley, salt, garlic,lemon juice and vegetable oil mix well in a blender or whisk and pour this marinade prepared mushrooms. We reserve the mushrooms in the marinade for about 20-30 minutes, after which they can be prepared.
    Recipe of mushrooms on the grill is very simple - marinated mushrooms strung on wooden skewers, or spread on the grill and fry until tender about 15 minutes.

    Marinated mushrooms roast on the grill

    Hats from the larger mushrooms is best to stuff.
    To do this, take the leg and chop them finely with a knife, if there is a float, you can rub them on a grater.
    Add to the legs chopped fresh herbs and tomato.
    It is good to mix the resulting mince and fill them marinated hats.
    We spread the prepared cap on the grid. A piece of hard cheese grate and sprinkle on top.

    We fill cap meat and sprinkle with cheese
    If you salted marinade, then we can not salt beef.
    Before you fry the mushrooms on the grill, brush grill with oil to the mushrooms are not stuck.

    Stuffed mushrooms on the grill ready

    Stuffed hats cook as long as the melted cheese. Closely monitor the temperature of the grill, otherwise the cap will burn.

    If you have not yet decided how to cook mushrooms on the grill, try the easiest option - vegetarian skewers with vegetables.
    It's enough to take any fresh vegetables -courgettes, tomatoes, onions, eggplant and pepper, and strung them on skewers alternately with mushrooms. As soon as the vegetables will become golden brown, they can be removed from the heat and serve not only as a delicious vegetable side dish, but also as a separate dish. Fresh vegetables cut into pieces about the same size as the mushrooms.

    Fresh vegetables cut into medium-sized pieces

    All combine in a convenient bowl, and pour the marinade.
    After about 10-25 minutes, when the button mushrooms and vegetables are good enough to be fed with, they can be strung on wooden sticks or skewers.

    Prepared vegetable kebabs with mushrooms

    As you can see, mushrooms cooking options togrill a lot and you can always choose the most suitable. Even if you have nothing on hand except the mushrooms, then you also will not be left without a tasty meal.
    Mushrooms can be a little salt and grease with vegetable oil and fry on the grill barbecue.

    Mushrooms fried on the grill barbecue

    Surprise your family and friends with your culinary delights and enjoy the delicate flavor fragrant mushrooms. Bon Appetit!

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