Suckling pig on a spit

Servings: 8 Cooking time: 260 minutes

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If you want to make a realfestive dish, most often comes to mind about the suckling pig. This dish is a very long time it was believed Easter - it was prepared for a festive breakfast, but with time it was served, and other celebrations.

Recipe for a pig on a spit is quite simple -you need to take young pork and fry it until done. But if you want to make real festive dish to pig flesh was tender, but it was delicious thin crispy crust, you have to spend a few hours and some effort.

First of all it is necessary to choose the right meat - roasted pig on a spit should be only milk, one who has not fed on a normal diet in addition to mother's milk.
It is best to take the pig, who does not agemore than one and a half months - six weeks. It is this age is considered to be the most optimal in order to achieve this the original taste of this culinary masterpiece.

Photo pig on the spit will help you learn how toproperly prepare this dish. The characteristic scent that emits the finished pig, give birch coals, which you will need to take care in advance. In addition you will need a large syringe, two bowls, the spit and of course - pig.

Ingredients for "Suckling pig on a spit":

  • The brine for pickling:
  • >
  • Water - 2.5 liters
  • Sea salt - 1/2 cup
  • Spices - 1 tbsp. a spoon
  • Marinade for frying:
  • >
  • Vinegar - 4 cups
  • Sea salt (large) - 2 tbsp. spoons
  • Allspice - 2 tbsp. spoons
  • Red pepper -. 1 tsp
  • Onions - 2-3 pc
  • Bitter perets- 2 pcs
  • Recipe "Suckling pig on a spit":

    How to cook a pig on a spit

    Most importantly, why you should start - thisbuying suckling pig. It is best to book in advance suckling pig from a friend that seller on the market, but if you have the opportunity to buy it at the store, pay attention to the weight of the carcass. The average weight of pigs, aged five to six weeks - 24-27 kg, it will be enough for about 6-8 servings.

    Suckling pig gutted
    After the pig is selected, it should berinse under running water, rinse again well inside the cut, after which it will need to be dried with a towel and can be taken for marinating carcass.
    Before you cook a pig on a spit, you'll need to stock up a sufficient amount of birch wood, they are ideal for the preparation of this dish.

    Once the pig is washed and dried, it will be necessary to prepare the brine to gently prick pig from all sides.
    Since the bird is big enough for itmarinating it will be necessary to have a large bowl and wait for a few days. To reduce the time for prosolki carcass, it is best to use pickle and an ordinary syringe.
    Of water and salt to make brine hardened. If you do not have at hand the hardened salt, you can cook it yourself - a big mix sea salt and spices, chop all this mass in a coffee grinder or mortar and salt in soups and marinades ready.

    Prick pig carcass brine
    To the pork on a skewer it was not only beautiful,but also delicious, you must make sure that the meat is well prosolilos in all parts of the carcass. To do this, type in the largest syringe brine and evenly cut away the carcass. Inflate pig everywhere - legs, belly, ribs, head.

    Salted pig lay on a comfortablesurface and binds very tightly on all sides by dense scaffold. You can sew the stomach thick needle or simply very carefully obkrutit it from all sides. If you have special clips - use them.Tightly wrap the pig fishing line

    Pig on a spit (which no cookingonly very exciting, but also quite complex) - a dish that requires some skill. Therefore, if you will cook it for the first time, with the support of a strong helper.
    We put on prepared pig on a spit, and begin the most exciting process - frying.

    Fit the carcass of suckling pig on a spit
    From onion, pepper and spices prepare the marinade - onions and peppers cut into thin rings and mix all in one convenient container.

    The marinade of onions, peppers and spices for frying

    Suckling pig on a spit will have a beautiful fragrant crust, if approximately every forty minutes you will be prepared by his coat with marinade.

    Lubricate pig marinade
    Piglet will be ready in about four to five hours, depending on its size. Check his willingness to be possible only on the external water and juice, which will stand out when pressed.
    Approximately roasting four o'clock sharp slide rod into the thickest place of the carcass and, if the juice, which is released, will be without blood, pig on a skewer ready.

    We serve an suckling pig and serve
    Take the pig to the spit, decorate with fresh herbs and serve. Bon Appetit!

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