Options for handling days

Some of the most successful menu of options for handling days.
Arranging fasting day in the diet, though, would be once a week, you can easily lose a couple of kilos effortlessly and injury.
Here are dining options for handling day to help lose a few kilos and cleanse the body.

Fasting days - it's an alternative to all kinds ofdiets with a little overweight. Eating only once or twice a week from this list the products, you can get rid of a few kilos, stabilize your weight, and therefore feel better.

Day on fruits
One and a half kilos sezhih fruits (all except bananas!) Distribute to 5-6 servings and drink during the day when experiencing hunger.

Kefir day
One and a half liters of not fat yogurt a day normalizes bowel function and give lightness to the body.

Half a kilo of apples you can eat per day raw or baked in the oven, but without the addition of sugar or honey.

Fresh cucumbers
Half a kilogram of fresh cucumbers eat per day, about 5-6 receptions, can with fresh herbs, but no salt.

protein day
Every 4 hours can be consumed in small portions, lean boiled fish, meat, beans. You can add to these products, some vegetables - cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs.

Day at the boiled rice
150 grams of rice unpolished, without the boiladd salt and divide into 3 stages. You can add a bit of boiled rice salt and cinnamon. During this day, in addition, you can eat a carrot, apple, sweet peppers.

Cheese-egg day
In the morning at breakfast: a cup of natural black coffee can with sugar and 100 grams of cheese. For lunch: two chicken boiled soft-boiled eggs, a cup of tea (with or without sugar). Dinner: a cup of tea and 200 grams of cheese.

Milk day
In 100 ml of fresh milk we drink every 2 hours, 6 times what happens during the day. At night, drink a glass of sweet fruit juice.

Buckwheat with kefir
Buy a liter of yogurt 1%. In the evening, soaked in boiling water 250 grams buckwheat, without fat, salt and spices. We muffle porridge in a warm blanket and leave until the morning.
Buckwheat porridge eat during the day for 4-5 receptions, squeezed her yogurt.

Carrots, beets, eggs
300 grams of fresh carrot rub on a fine grater, and dressed with a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Cooked beets rub on a grater, dressed with butter. Boil the eggs.
Everything is eat in 5 receptions, in any order.

Choose to your taste variants of dietary fasting days, grow thin with pleasure and ease.

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