Cake with apples and chocolate

Servings: 6 Cooking time: Minutes, 1.5 hours

Recipe for apple pie in the oven - delicious,fast and not complicated. Even a novice cook can easily master the recipe for apple pie. As a result, you will be on the table delicious chocolate dessert apple in the oven. The filling of apples, biscuits and melted chocolate is combined with a light, gentle dough with sour cream. A cinnamon cake gives delicious taste and a stunning fragrance.

Ingredients for "Cake with apples and chocolate":

  • 250 g of sugar;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 30 g butter;
  • 200 g sour cream;
  • 0.5 hours of baking soda.;
  • 400 g flour;
  • 50 g milk;
  • 4-5 apples;
  • 100 g shortbread;
  • 100 g of chocolate;
  • 0.5 hours. Cinnamon.

The recipe for "apple pie and chocolate":

easy apple pie recipe
Apples wash, clean, remove core and cut into large chunks or slices. Cover the baking dish baking paper and grease liberally with butter. Pour apples into the mold.

Cookies crumble and mix with melted chocolate in a water bath. Add milk and cinnamon. All mix well and pour over this mass of apples.

Sugar, melted butter and eggs beat with a mixer. Sour cream mixed with soda and connect with the egg-sugar mass. Add the sifted flour and mix everything well.

The resulting dough pour apples and submit the form into the oven. Bake the cake at 180gr.S. 60-80 minutes. Check your dish on the readiness with a toothpick or knife dry.

Ready apple pie cool, sprinkle with powdered sugar and cinnamon and pour over chocolate.
Bon Appetit!

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