Pork, baked in foil with vegetables on a bed

Servings: 6 Cooking time: 1:00 minutes

Pork, baked in foil in the oven - itnamely the dish, through which lies the path to the heart of not only men but also women. Tender pork pulp, baked on a bed of vegetables in such a way that all the juices and flavor are preserved, will be a wonderful option for dinner. To do this, you need gluttony aluminum foil and a piece of good meat - is the key to getting a delicious dish. Perfect ham, neck, or shoulder blade. As for fat - be guided by your own taste. Remember that meat with a good layer of fat will be more juicy, but the taste of his kind (not fried, and a braised, steamed). Ready meals for about an hour, and after this time you will enjoy a delicious delicacy - pork, baked in foil in the oven.

Ingredients for "Pork, baked in foil on a bed of vegetables":

  • 1 kg of pork;
  • 1 onion (optional);
  • 1 medium carrot;
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic;
  • salt, pepper, spices - to taste;
  • 250ml dry white wine (for the marinade).

Recipe for "Pork, baked in foil on a bed of vegetables":

pork baked in foil in the oven
Start with the preparation of meat: Strip off excess fat, bones, films and wash well. Then, in a bowl mix the spices, salt and wine. You can add a few bay leaves, peppercorns and herbs. Place the meat in the marinade and leave capacity for 1-2 hours at room temperature or in the refrigerator if you plan to marinate for more than two hours.

remove meat After this period ofmarinade and pat dry on paper towels. Now you can add salt and rub the meat on all sides by various spices: wig, red and black pepper, ginger, herbs. To the meat is well seasoned and impregnated with salt, make it somewhat deep cuts lengthwise or crosswise.

pork baked in foil in the oven
Cut off from the roll of foil two large pieces. The size of the foil to be much more a piece of meat, so that you can tightly wrap the pork. Carrots, onions and garlic, wash, cut into flat slices, or slices. Put the pieces of foil crosswise in the middle, on a double layer of foil, place sliced ​​vegetables and put pork on top. Wrap the meat in aluminum foil. Remember that it should be done carefully, tight, and sealed. The resulting briquette send in preheated oven to 200-220 oC. Can you put the meat in foil on the grill or in the pan. Bake pork will be about an hour.

The signal that the meat already prepared, willstrong flavor and blackening around the edges of the foil package. Remove the cake from the oven (by the way, do not worry, if it inflates well - this is normal), and expand the foil carefully. Use tack, so as not to get burned. With a knife or fork to check the readiness of the meat: if the puncture on the surface appears clear juice without blood - the pork is ready.

Serve the meat, cut into portions, and garnish with your favorite sauce.
Bon Appetit!

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