Harvesting of plums for the winter at home

Servings: 8 Cooking time: 80 minutes

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One of the most popular pieces of plums onwinter is draining in its own juice. Prepared for this recipe plum in winter turn sweet and very fragrant. You can prepare the plum halves in whole or pitted, as the winter harvested various jams and compotes. I propose several options for home bars of these amazing fruit.

For the preparation of domestic preparations you cantake a variety of grades of plums - yellow and blue, large and small types of plums. The only requirement for all fruits - they must be fresh and fragrant. The fresh plums are, the tastier will be your home-made - save the unique flavor of summer to winter.

Cooked to these recipes fruit canIt will be used not only as a delicious dessert, but also as a base for sauces and toppings for a variety of culinary delights. I propose several options for domestic preparations, among which necessarily will be suitable for you.

Ingredients for "Harvesting of plums for the winter at home":

  • Plums - 2 kg
  • Sugar - 1 kg
  • Water - 2 liters
  • Cloves - according to 1-2 pc
  • Citric acid - a quarter teaspoon to one bank
  • Recipe "Harvesting of plums for the winter at home":

    Preparation for the winter plums:

    Plums before cooking should be very well washed in running water and go through.

    Drains for my billet in running water

    We spread the prepared fruit in clean jars - fill jars to shoulders.

    We fill clean jars with plums

    Heat the water to a boil and pour very carefully plum banks.

    Carefully pour boiling water plum

    Council: heat the water in the kettle - so you can pour a thin stream of water, not afraid that the banks burst. Important: pour boiling banks up to the neck. After about 20 minutes, when the banks will not be very hot, you need to prepare the syrup pan and drain the water there.

    Merge the chilled water from the jars with plums

    Add to the bowl of the necessary amount of sugar and, stirring occasionally we bring the syrup to a boil.

    From the sugar and water syrup cook for plums

    While sugar syrup Prokip five minutes,add to each jar crystals of citric acid. If you want a more flavorful, prepared for the winter plum, add two or three buds cloves. Fill plum boiling syrup and immediately roll up.

    Prepared plum banks pour hot syrup

    Overturn all the banks and put in a warm place, well wrapped a blanket.

    Overturn the jars with the workpiece from the drain and cool

    We reserve banks for 10-15 hours to complete cooling. Prepared for this recipe plum preserve not only the appearance, but also a taste of freshness.

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