Harvesting of the winter apple juice

Servings: 8 Cooking time: 45 minutes

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Homemade apple juice has a uniquehealing properties. If you drink every day at least 300 milliliters of juice, it helps to maintain the harmony of your figure, but also improve the work of the respiratory system. This juice, which is prepared with no added sugar, is perfectly suitable for those undergoing rehabilitation after colds and help smokers get rid of his addiction and clear light.

With apple juice sufficiently large numbervitamin C, iron, potassium and phosphorus. This juice contains malic, citric and other organic acids. Homemade juice will help get rid of toxins, thus it contains very few calories. Harvesting of apple juice for the winter - a treasure trove of vitamins and trace elements that are so essential to our body during the winter. To make it possible to take different varieties of apples, use a little overripe or spoiled fruit. Prepared for this recipe juice gives a very concentrated, so it is desirable to be diluted before use with water or other juices such as young zucchini or carrots.

Ingredients for the "Preparation for the winter apple juice":

  • Apples - 1.7-2 kgg;
  • Recipe "Preparation for the winter apple juice":

    Cooking juice from apples winter:

    Of this amount, apple bottoms obtained liternot clarified juice concentrate - count the number of cells so that one liter had approximately two kilograms of ripe fruit.

    Choose ripe apples for juice

    Banks need to rinse very well with baking soda,then rinse with boiled water - boiling water. You can sterilize the jars in the oven or Aerogrill at a temperature of 100 degrees. During juicing leave the banks in the warmth that they do not cool down. Covers for jars and fill my boiling water, then they need to be well dried.

    Prepare clean jars of apple juice

    Ripe apples are my good and clear from the peduncleand seeds. If you use a little spoiled apples, very carefully cut all the damaged areas. To prepare the juice, you can use an ordinary juicer, but it will be a little dark color, since the iron will oxidize in air.

    To juice is not bought brown, can beadd a bit of citric acid - mix with the prepared apples or sprinkle them with lemon juice. After that, the juice can be crushed in a meat grinder with a fine grid. If you used a meat grinder, it is best to drain the juice.

    Prepared apple juice

    Ready to shift the weight of an enameldishes and cook on low heat. Try not to bring the juice to a boil, will be sufficient to heat it to 95 degrees. The foam is required to remove and again filtered through a piece of cheesecloth. Heat the prepared juice to about 80 degrees and immediately dispensed into prepared jars.

    Prepared apple juice

    Every bank tries to roll separately and immediately turn upside down.

    Overturn the jars upside down with juice

    The prepared juice in banks need to wrap up, toit is cooled slowly. Strained from apple pulp nectar can be prepared for this fill it with hot water, leave for several hours, then bring to a boil and also roll in the can. Chilled juice can bring to the table. Preparations for the winter of apple juice store in a cool place.

    Ready chilled juice

    The nectar can add sugar or sugar syrup - on request. Good luck and bon appetit!

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