Pickled green tomatoes for the winter

Servings: 8 Cooking time: 45 minutes

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Very simple and quick recipepickled green tomatoes, which appear by the end of the season of ripening vegetables. These tomatoes are abundant on the bushes, many hostesses in the garden, so I just need to come up with a quick and easy way of their preparations for the winter, so work is not lost in vain.

Green tomatoes, marinated for this recipe,quickly prepared, and they are uniformly impregnated with filling. As a result, they can be to try a few days, while canned tomatoes still insist and wait their turn. Cooked this way pickled green tomatoes obtained thick and strong, and they retain their shape. The taste of this snack is very gentle, sweet and sour with a subtle aroma of leaving summer.

Ingredients for "Pickled green tomatoes for the winter":

  • Green tomatoes - 7-8 pieces of medium;
  • Bay Leaf - 3 pieces;
  • Pepper - 3 pieces;
  • Vinegar 9% - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • Sugar - 20 g;
  • Salt - 25 g;
  • Water - 1 cup;
  • The recipe for "Pickled green tomatoes for the winter":

    Preparation of pickled green tomatoes:

    The number of products, the data in this recipe,designed for one-liter jar of home-made. Depending on the number of cans of tomatoes and multiply the number of ingredients - the proportions follow.

    Green tomatoes should be very well washed and put in a deep bowl comfortable.

    Green tomatoes to marinate lay in a convenient bowl

    Fill the prepared tomatoes with boiling water and leave for 20-30 seconds.

    Fill the tomatoes with boiling water green

    Thereafter, hot water merge and tomatoes can be cut into two halves. If tomatoes are small, they can not be cut.

    Cut green tomatoes and cut the stalk

    Prepared in this manner is necessary to combine the tomatoes into clean sterilized jars.

    Fold the tomatoes into clean jars

    To know the required amount of the marinade,pour the tomato water to the neck, after which it was poured into a bowl. On the basis of this water will boil the marinade - the water add salt, sugar, pepper and bay leaf, then bring to a boil and cook for about 3-5 minutes.

    In the water we lay the necessary ingredients and bring to a boil

    The boiling water cool to a temperature of about 50-60 degrees, in each jar, pour vinegar and cooled down pour marinade tomatoes in cans.

    Fill the tomatoes in a marinade banks

    To jars of pickled green tomatoes wellstanding is desirable to sterilize them for 10 minutes at 100 degrees. If desired, add the onion, carrot and garlic to taste tomatoes was more acute.

    Ready pickled green tomatoes

    Chilled tomato can try a few days. Bon Appetit!

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