Pickled green tomatoes

Servings: 5 Cooking time: 400 minutes

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The recipe for pickled green tomatoes is easy, while they taste turns extraordinary. If you like drum pickles, then this method of harvesting will have you on the soul.

Pickled green tomatoes will be ready intwo weeks, but if you want faster, cook yellow. These tomatoes have a sweet taste and prepared much faster recipe is the same.

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Ingredients for "Pickled green tomatoes":

  • Tomatoes green, brown or yellow - 1 kg
  • Garlic - 2-3 cloves
  • Bulgarian sweet pepper - 1-2 pieces
  • Salt big - 40 gr
  • Seeds of fennel - a pinch
  • The recipe for "Pickled green tomatoes":

    The recipe for pickled green tomatoes

    Harvesting of green tomatoes for the winter - one of thethe easiest ways to prepare pickles. Green tomatoes are very often left in the beds, and many of them simply thrown away, but one can prepare a wonderful snack. If you bought Sledkov unripe tomatoes or just want to pamper yourself a delicious salty snack, this recipe you'll love its simplicity and accessibility.

    If you do not have green tomatoes, you can replace them in the yellow - the variety itself is very tasty, but salty kind will be even tastier.

    Tomatoes desirable to take the whole, not damaged. Put them in a colander and wash well under running water.

    Tomatoes put in a colander and wash well

    To prosolilis tomatoes well and become juicy, it is necessary to make a cross-shaped incision with a sharp knife.

    Make an incision on top of the tomato crosswise with a sharp knife

    Pickled green tomatoes for the winter will be ready soon, if they still chop with a fork or a toothpick from the stalk.

    Yellow tomatoes a little softer, so they simply make an incision above.

    Sweet pepper to wash, remove the stalk with seeds and chop as finely as possible. You can chop the peppers in a meat grinder.

    Sweet peppers cut as finely as possible

    Parsley and dill and mix with crushed pepper. If you are using dried dill seeds, they can be immediately pour into jars.

    Garlic cleaned, separated into cloves and chop finely with a knife or grate.

    Pepper and garlic mix and put the vegetable mixture in the rifling.

    Pepper and garlic mix and put the vegetable mixture in the rifling

    Stuffed tomatoes with this mixture add up to the banks - it is best to take a liter or enamel pot.

    Stuffed pepper with garlic and tomatoes combine in banks

    Prepare the brine. Per liter of water you need to add 40 grams of salt, mix well and pour this brine tomatoes. You can heat brine then fermented green tomatoes will be ready for use within 10 days. Yellow tomatoes will be ready to try bystree- will be a week later.

    Tomatoes pour the brine and put the jar or pot in a warm place. You can leave a blank in the kitchen - the temperature should not be below room.

    After a few days the tomatoes can be rearranged in a cool place.

    Pickled tomatoes in this recipe can bebring to the table in two weeks, but the most delicious they will be in about a month. To save pickled tomatoes to winter, it is desirable to put the jar in the refrigerator or a cool cellar. If you have a balcony - it's also a good place to store domestic preparations.

    Pickled tomatoes can be fed to the table

    Yellow tomatoes differ from the green and reda large content of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, you can always save a few kilos of these amazing vegetables, cook if this magnificent piece. They can bring to the table as an independent snack. Bon Appetit!

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