Pickled tomatoes in jars for the winter

Servings: 6 Cooking time: 400 minutes

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When summer ends, from hostesses beginshot time. It's time to prepare home-canned vegetables. Pickled tomatoes in jars for the winter - the simplest form of home salting. The taste of these tomatoes is very similar to barrel Ambassador who unfortunately live in the city hostess can hardly afford.

Ingredients for "Pickled tomatoes in jars for the winter":

  • Tomatoes (green, brown, red or yellow) - 1 kg
  • Seeds of fennel - a pinch
  • Leves cherry or currant - 3-4 pieces
  • Dry mustard - 1 tbsp. a spoon
  • Water - 1 liter
  • Salt - 75 g
  • The recipe for "Pickled tomatoes in jars for the winter":

    Recipe pickled tomatoes

    Simple recipe for pickled tomatoes perfectlyideal for lovers of homemade pickles. Roll up the banks with blanks do not need, but that tomatoes were not gone, the dishes should be well sterilized.

    Banks need to wash, rinse with warm water and boiled for a few minutes sterilized in the oven or on the ferry.

    for pickling tomatoes can take any - green, milky ripeness, brown, red or yellow. They need to be washed and put on banks. Try not to add salt red and green tomatoes in a jar.

    Whole tomatoes my well water

    Pickled green tomatoes well with salt parsley or celery, while yellow and pink varieties suitable dill.

    You can use any spices to your taste -they need to be put on the bottom of each jar. You can add flavor to a few pieces of sweet pepper and add to the severity of hot pepper pod bitter.

    In each jar Put the tomatoes - fill the jars before reaching the edge of about two to three centimeters.

    In each jar to ferment spread tomatoes

    For the salting is better to use a large sea salt. Pour salt on top of tomatoes directly into the jar and cover with cold boiled water.

    The water should completely cover the tomatoes so they are evenly prosolilis.

    In the banks to pour the water with tomatoes

    Pickled tomatoes in the winter can be stored at room temperature, but for this, choose a dark place without direct sunlight is available.

    You can immediately close the jars with plastic lids, but you can in each jar add a spoonful of dry mustard.

    To the best tomatoes to ferment, you can hold the prepared jars at room temperature for several days. Since tomatoes are cooked more quickly than if they just stand in a cool place.

    The optimum temperature for storing workpiece is 15-18 degrees, so if you have some free space on the balcony or in the closet, leave it to jars with tomatoes.

    After about 3 weeks of yellow and red tomatoes can be trying, green are cooked a little later - a month.

    If the tomatoes to keep at room temperature, they will continue to turn sour, and after a month and a half will be fully prepared.

    Add dry mustard is not necessary, but if you want to have turned out of the tomatoes pickled, it is best to add it.

    Pickled tomatoes in jars for the winter put on storage

    A small piece of cotton cloth to put on top of the tomatoes and pour it already mustard.

    Without mustard on the surface of the mold will be formed, which will remove the need to spoon.

    Very well suited pickled tomatoes as an appetizer to the hot and meat dishes. Bon Appetit!

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