Tomatoes and cabbage in winter

Servings: 8 Cooking time: 400 minutes

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Canned tomatoes and cabbage -gorgeous home salad that can be eaten every day and apply for a festive meal. In winter, when vitamin reserves are depleted, the light salad will help to restore the necessary balance in the body.

Ingredients for "Tomatoes and cabbage in winter":

  • Cabbage (white) - 1.5 kg
  • Tomatoes - 1 kg
  • Sweet pepper - 1 kg
  • Carrots - 2-3 pc
  • Onion - 500g
  • Vinegar 9% - 1/2 cup
  • Sugar - 3 tbsp. spoons
  • Large sea salt - 4 teaspoons.
  • Vegetable oil - 1/2 cup
  • Recipe "Tomatoes and cabbage in winter":

    Recipe canned tomatoes and cabbage

    The average head of cabbage should be well washed andneatly cut into two parts. Shinkuem cabbage as thinly as possible. If you have a food processor, you can use it, but you can do an ordinary trowel.

    Finely shred the cabbage

    Put the cabbage in a convenient dish - it can be a large saucepan or enameled bowl.

    Ripe tomatoes - try to choose whole, not damaged fruit, wash and cut arbitrarily.

    Ripe tomatoes wash and cut arbitrarily

    Peppers wash, separate the stalk with seeds and cut into strips or cubes.

    Peppers wash cut into strips or cubes

    Onions and carrots to clean and chop as finely as possible. You can grate carrots on a grater, and the onions cut into rings or cubes.

    Onions and carrots to clean and chop as finely as possible

    All the prepared vegetables to shift to the cabbage and stir.

    All prepared for salad vegetables mix well

    Pickled tomatoes and cabbage will taste better if before canning vegetables give a little to stand and soak up the flavors of each other.

    To let the vegetables juice, add salt, sugar, vinegar and oil.

    After about 60 minutes you can start cooking.

    Put the pan over medium heat. After the salad boil, reduce heat and simmer 20 minutes.

    Put the pan with vegetable salad on medium heat

    Salted tomatoes and cabbage can not be sterilized, so it is very important to prepare the clean jars to a well-stocked salad.

    Before laying the products, the banks need to be heated over steam or in an oven, the glass is not cracked.

    Hot vegetables we shift to the banks to the neck and immediately roll up.

    Tomatoes and cabbage in winter hot we shift to the banks

    Tomatoes and cabbage for the winter will be ready soonas soon as cool. Turn the jars upside down and wrap up well. About 6 hours later the banks will be put in storage, but if you can not wait, then try what you got. Bon Appetit!

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