Fried flounder with tomato at the tender tempura

Servings: 2 Cooking time: 45 minutes

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Flounder - fish for those who love to eat andat the same time taking care of his health and households. Its meat is almost no fat, but a lot of polyunsaturated acids and protein - will appreciate the man! And you will appreciate the beneficial effect of the sea on the gift of a strong half of your family :)

Flounder fried in batter allows you to enjoydelicious taste of fish, seasoned with savory spices. And tomatoes, garlic and herbs instantly transform ordinary meal into a truly unforgettable masterpiece, worthy of the best restaurant. Eat delicious, aromatic and healthy food, and you will experience positive for your health, beauty and inner harmony.

Ingredients for "Grilled flounder with tomato at the tender batter":

  • One carcass flounder;
  • Chicken egg;
  • A bit of flour and breadcrumbs to the batter;
  • 3 cloves of garlic;
  • Half of tomato;
  • Dill or other herbs;
  • Red pepper (ground.) And salt to taste.
  • Recipe "Fried flounder with tomato at the tender batter":

    Preparation of fried fish with tomatoes:

    Take the carcass of flounder and carve it: cleanse from the inside and remove the tail. You can delete and head, but the meat from the bones of the head at the base of most vitamins. If your fish has been frozen, you first need to defrost it in gentle conditions: at room temperature or lukewarm water.

    Butchered carcass of fish

    In a separate container, mix the salt, flour and breadcrumbs.

    Separately, mix the salt, spices and breadcrumbs

    Beat the egg and dip into the resulting mass of the fish on both sides. Then crumble it into dry bread mixture and spread on the already well-heated and greased griddle.

    Boned fish and fry in a hot pan

    We reserve flounder on average or more (depending on the coating pan) heat. At this time, chop the tomatoes and garlic crumble.

    Cut into small fresh tomato and garlic

    After 10 minutes, turn over the fish and sprinkleformed on it a golden crust with ground red pepper. We spread over flavored with spices flounder tomatoes and garlic. Necessarily so that part got garlic in oil in a frying pan. So completely give garlic its spicy flavor of the dish.

    Top fried fish spread tomatoes and garlic

    Sprinkle the fish finely chopped dill. Perfect cilantro and parsley. Cover with a lid, to tomatoes faster propeklis.

    We would flounder fried in batter until ready

    Spicy fried flounder in batter for tomatoesideal for almost all cereals (rice, buckwheat, barley, lentils), as well as vegetables and greens (broccoli, potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, Chinese cabbage and other.).

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