Mackerel fried in a pan

Servings: 4 Cooking time: 45 minutes

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Grilled mackerel - very simple and very tastyThis method of cooking fish. The special aroma and distinctive taste of mackerel allows you to cook it with little or no spices. Simply wash the fish and fry it in vegetable oil, and a hearty and healthy lunch will not be your desk.

Recipe fried mackerel with photos to help youdiversify your daily menu with new dishes. Of course, you can just roll the pieces of fish in flour and fry in a pan, but you can from the usual fried fish to cook a true culinary masterpiece. How to cook fried mackerel with the browned crust in a few minutes, check out the recipe proposed below.

Ingredients for "mackerel fried in a pan":

  • Mackerel - 1 pc
  • Salt and pepper - to taste
  • Fresh parsley -1 beam
  • Breadcrumbs - 1-2 tbsp. spoons
  • Mayonnaise - 1 tbsp. a spoon
  • The recipe for "fried mackerel in a frying pan":

    Cooking fried mackerel

    Mackerel should be well washed, cleaned anddivided into two halves. To do this, cut off the fish head and abdomen cut along the ridge. Carefully take out the middle bone and cut off at the edges of small fins.

    Mackerel divided into two halves

    Two halves of mackerel fillets cut into thin strips about 2 centimeters wide.

    Mackerel fillets cut into thin strips

    Mackerel fried in a frying pan get morejuicy and aromatic, if the fillet pieces of pre-marinate in lemon juice. But if lemon is not present, then the prepared pieces can be simply sprinkled with salt and allspice.

    In a deep dish or bowl put mayonnaise on a flat plate sprinkle breadcrumbs.

    On a flat plate sprinkle breadcrumbs

    Further preparation of grilled mackerel is quite simple - you need to fish with mayonnaise, roll in breadcrumbs and fry in a frying pan.

    The strips of fish fillet in mayonnaise pickle

    All prepared strips of fish fillet we shift in mayonnaise and leave for about 5 minutes - this time will be enough to ensure that the fish absorbed the required amount of sauce.

    In a pan, pour a small amount of vegetable oil and heat it over medium heat.

    Remove the extra layer of mayonnaise and reload the pieces of mackerel in breadcrumbs and roll them well on all sides.

    Boned fish strips in breadcrumbs

    Fry fillets on both sides for a few minutes - until golden brown.

    Fried fish sticks on a plate and sprinkle with fresh dill or parsley.

    Fried mackerel in a way it turns incredibly delicious and very juicy. Delicious fried mackerel is perfect to garnish of boiled potatoes and salad with fresh vegetables.

    Mackerel fillets can fry in batter - then the fish will turn out tender and juicy. In contrast to the fillet, fried in breadcrumbs, fish in batter turns softer outside.

    Crunchy fish sticks in breadcrumbs served at the table

    It is sufficient to mix mayonnaise with egg andflour and a good whisk. Fish in batter fried in hot oil. Crunchy fish sticks in breadcrumbs can be served to the table is not only hot, but also chilled. It can be served for dinner with a variety of side dishes or a light evening meal with fresh vegetables. Fillet fried in breadcrumbs - a great way to have a snack during the workday.

    Similarly, you can toast and pieces of mackerel with a stone - if you do not have time before the end of defrost the fish and separate the fillet - just cut the carcass in small cubes. Bon Appetit!

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