Mackerel salted entirely

Servings: 6 Cooking time: 400 minutes

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All lovers of sea fish are very well aware thatthe most tender and juicy meat and mackerel. Apart from the fact that the meat is very tasty mackerel, it is also very useful - this fish is rich in vitamins and various minerals. Since the oily mackerel, it is perfect for pickling. Salted fish very well with boiled new potatoes, so salted mackerel recipe with photos certainly come in handy.

Prepare salted mackerel at homenot very difficult, the most important thing - to choose the right fish. Since most of the mackerel is most often found in stores frozen form, try to carefully examine her appearance. Good fish will have a nice color, the back should be plump, and the skin should not be any damage.

Delicious salted mackerel decorate a festive tableand is perfect for sandwiches, it is the best complement the meal of boiled potatoes and serve the best snack for strong drinks. For this reason, try to fill your home saltwater fish reserves.

Ingredients for "salted mackerel whole":

  • The marinade:
  • >
  • Mackerel - 1 pc
  • -1.5 Tablespoons salt
  • Onions - 1 pc
  • Ground pepper - to taste
  • Vegetable oil - 50 ml
  • Vinegar - 50 ml
  • In brine:
  • >
  • Mackerel 1 piece
  • Water - 1 liter
  • Salt - 1 tbsp. spoons
  • Sugar - 1 tbsp. a spoon
  • Pepper and bay leaves - optional
  • The recipe for "salted mackerel whole":

    Preparation salted mackerel

    Mackerel should be completely thawed and rinse well under running water. Carefully cut open the abdomen and gut, leaving the head and tail.

    In mackerel cut abdomen and well-gut

    Make it would not be difficult - from head to tailsharp knife make a longitudinal incision. Remove all the innards, including a dark film, or mackerel, salted whole, will taste bitter. The head can be removed, but if you remove the gills, the fish can be cooked completely.

    Washed the fish to shift into a comfortable deep bowl and pour the marinade.

    Fish shift into a comfortable deep bowl and pour marinade

    Preparation salted mackerel lasts approximately10-12 hours depending on the size of the fish. Do not forget to put it in a cool place and to fish prosolilas all sides evenly, one-half turn it over.

    Cooked mackerel can bring to the table is entirely decorated with fresh herbs and chopped into portions pieces.


    The traditional recipe of salted mackerel in brine used for the salting of a large number of fish for the future.

    In a small mixing the necessary ingredients,bring to a boil and boil the brine for about two minutes - to salt and sugar is well dissolved. Cool the brine to room temperature and pour over prepared purified mackerel.

    The convenient dishes - best to choose a set of castors glass with a wide bottom, lay the carcass of fish belly up. Fill it with cold brine, and cover with a lid, bag or cling film.

    Salt fish approximately 10-12 hours at roomtemperature, and then it must be rearranged in the refrigerator. Fish in brine turns tender and very juicy. After about a day, you will be able to try it. Cooked fish in this recipe can be stored for several days.

    Mackerel with spices - spicy, cooked withgarlic and bay leaf. To this end, the brine, add the finely chopped garlic and bay leaf and crushed. Spicy taste of this fish will amaze fans of seafood delicacies.

    In the brine add the crushed garlic and crushed bay leaf

    If you want to cook salt fish quickly, you can use the option with the marinade. But if you want to cook the fish for the future, then you should know how to store salted mackerel.

    The salted fish refrigerator may be stored up to fivedays if remove it from the brine and wrapped in baking paper or cloth. Always check the freshness of salted fish - click on it with your finger and if a dent remains, the best thing a fish is no longer there.

    To cook the fish for long-term storage,it is best to use dry ambassador. Just rub the carcass mackerel mixture of salt, sugar and pepper and leave it until the juice. Then Put the fish in an enamel or glass dish, pour vegetable oil and store in refrigerator.

    Mackerel salted entirely ready

    Do not store in the freezer salted mackerelchamber, or after defrosting it will be loose and watery. The best way to prepare for the future mackerel for a few days up to a week. Serve it boiled potatoes or just make a sandwich on rye bread. Bon Appetit!

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