The recipe for a delicious cake for dummies

Servings: 3-4 large cakes Cooking time: 4 minutes chasa

The recipe for a delicious cake presented on thispage, are quite capable of an inexperienced young hostess, who had never took up the yeast fancy pastries. This is a proven and simple recipe for Easter cakes.

I'm sure this recipe is a delicious cake willeven those who do take up baking for the first time. The main condition - the prayer, faith in yourself and a positive attitude. And yet - warm, overheated kitchen with good moisture. It is in such conditions Butter yeast dough is well suited.

Ingredients for a "recipe for a delicious cake for Dummies":

For the dough

  • a glass of warm milk;
  • 30 g (1.5 tsp.) Dry yeast;
  • 4.5 cups (250 mL) white flour;
  • 3 eggs;
  • a quarter of the packet (50 grams) butter;
  • half a cup of sugar;
  • a bag of vanilla sugar;
  • half a lemon;
  • half a cup of raisins;
  • half a glass of brandy.

For white "cap"

  • 1 egg white;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • half a cup of powdered sugar.

Recipe "Recipe for a delicious cake for Dummies":

  • Yeast Pour warm milk (such temperature at which you'd bathed her child), add 1 cup flour and stir with a spoon and leave the brew for half an hour.
  • Meanwhile, beat the eggs with the sugar, add the melted butter in a microwave oven (but not hot! That same "rule of bathing the child").
  • From half a lemon squeeze the juice and zest rub on a very fine grater.
  • The brew carefully pour the egg-oil mixture, lemon zest and juice and the remaining flour.
  • Knead a soft dough. It will be a little stick to hands, but a lot of flour to rub it is not necessary, it is better just a little longer cross between his hands, occasionally wetting their refined vegetable oil odorless.
  • When the dough is formed into a ball, put it in a bowl, cover with a clean towel and put in a warm place, it is up to.
  • Raisins to loop, wash and pour brandy.
  • When the dough rises approximately twice, you add the soaked raisins (you can pour the batter and brandy, but then it will be necessary to add a handful of flour). After that, it is necessary to knead it again.
  • Forms for cakes grease with butter or margarine and Cover the baking paper. Moistened with oil hands take part of the test and put into shape. The dough should occupy a volume of not more than one third.
  • Turn on the oven. While it is warming up, shape the dough put it on a plate or in another warm place to the dough is well risen again.
  • When the cakes will double, brush their tops with milk or sugar water, gently place in preheated oven to 170 oC.
  • The first 20-30 minutes the oven door, it is desirable notopen. You can then look carefully. When the top is well flushed, it can be assumed that the cake is ready. Turn off the fire, but did not immediately remove your baking, let stand up for 10 minutes, come to that.
Remove the cakes from the forms
  • Carefully remove the cakes from the molds and place them on the grill, so they have cooled completely.
We cover the cakes with sugar icing
  • Meanwhile, prepare the glaze. Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt, gradually adding a powdered sugar. When the foam is thick and will keep the form (even if the bowl upside down), brush the tops of the cooled cakes.
  • If you want to glaze dripped beautifulflows cake on the sides, as in the photo, just cook a thick syrup with powdered sugar, tablespoon of water and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Cool it and gently pour the cake top and then allow glaze to set.
Decorate cakes with dry fruits


If you are preparing several large and smallcakes, divide them into batches of size and bake separately large, medium and small. Otherwise, small kulichiki Bree, and large will be raw.
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