Marine cabbage salad with cucumber

Servings: 2 Cooking time: 15 minutes

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Everyone knows that seaweed containsOrganic iodine compounds, and even helps to prevent and treat many diseases of the thyroid gland. When doctors recommended daily allowance of iodine is 150 mcg., Kelp contains a record holder of the substance to 200,000 g! I offer to cook well, very useful salad of seaweed and cucumber.

Eating seaweed will allowto support the nervous system in a healthy condition, which is a good prevention of multiple stresses. She will remain impassive samurai, even when around the raging sea of ​​passions.

Iodine - is not the only value that generouslyoffers kelp, it has a rare and unique alginic acid. It has a high binding effect and literally "sucks" because bone barium, lead and other heavy metals and removes toxins.

Ingredients for "Marine cabbage salad with cucumber":

  • Bank of canned seaweed natural;
  • 1-2 eggs, boiled soft-boiled;
  • 1-2 pickled cucumbers;
  • 1 sour-sweet apple;
  • 1 onion red.
  • Recipe "Marine cabbage salad with cucumber":

    Preparation of salad with seaweed and cucumber

    From the opened jars of sauerkraut carefully drain all liquid and shift in a salad bowl.

    Prepare laminaria

    Peeled eggs chop finely with a knife or mash with a fork and add to the cabbage. Cucumber and chop into small cubes, crushing his hand, squeeze the excess juice, then put in a salad bowl.

    Adding to the cabbage cucumber and egg

    Apple, peeled, grated grind, you can add the lemon juice to preserve the color and put the rest of the ingredients. Mix everything.

    Add the apple and stir

    Onions can be cut into rings or chop finely as someone more like it. Soft egg yolk performs here the role of filling, but on request can be more podbavit drop of mayonnaise.

    All the ingredients for a salad with seaweed

    If we observe the fast, then from eggs can be abandoned in favor of boiled rice. You may also like salad recipe with seaweed and seafood, which is even easier to prepare.

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