Salad of greens - Cheerfulness

Servings: 4 Cooking time: 15 minutes

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In the past, especially in the villages and towns witheagerly awaited the appearance of the first green. Because then you can nourish their vitality young and bubbling vitamins grass. In the course were goutweed, stinging nettle, mother-and-stepmother, sweet lopushki, quinoa and even wood louse, which, incidentally, is very rich in iodine.

Unfortunately, few people eatsthese tasty weeds. Most hostess limited to cabbage soup from nettles. And in this salad is not the above herbs, because they just do not buy in any "super-market". But from the salad greens - Vivacity, you get a boost of energy and vitality, and cooking takes very little time. If you follow the post, replace it with a cheese tofu or avocado.

Ingredients for "Salad of greens - Vivacity":

  • 1-2 peeled carrots;
  • 12-15 cherry tomatoes (or any other);
  • . 80-100 grams, any cheese, salty enough;
  • high beam any salad greens (in this recipe used corn salad);
  • Bulgarian pepper color;
  • 2-3 fresh cucumber;
  • any green beam (in this embodiment, taken basil);
  • olive oil or sesame oil as fuel, garlic and salt as desired.
  • The recipe "salad greens - Vivacity":


    Lettuce, rinse with water and spread out to dry on a towel.

    All the ingredients for the salad

    On average grater to grind the cheese and carrots followed.

    Rub the cheese on a grater

    Add salad greens, large leaves to break his hands if necessary (if you cook with the other kind).

    Add the carrots

    Poshinkovat plastics peppers, tomatoes in half, pre-peeled cucumber cut into slices.

    Add the cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes

    Mix well, season with garlic on request, chopped herbs of basil, olive oil and salt.

    Enjoy the energy recharge!

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