Salad with eggplant and tomato

Servings: 5 Cooking time: 45 minutes

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Eggplant or little blue, as they are called in the peoplea rare vegetable on our tables. Typically, a representative of the nightshade family prepare hot meals in the form of eggs, but the eggplant can be eaten without subjecting it to a heat treatment - in its raw form, while it retains the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients. Today we will prepare a salad of tomato and eggplant.

Ingredients for "Salad of eggplant and tomato":

  • Half of eggplant;
  • Sunflower oil - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • 3-4 potatoes;
  • Several tomatoes;
  • Salt, spices.
  • The recipe "salad of eggplant and tomato":

    Preparation of salad from tomato and eggplant:

    To use a young lettuce is not an overripe eggplant. His peeled and cut into small cubes.

    Clean and eggplant mode

    Tomatoes take small and elongated in length, for example, varieties of "ladies fingers" or "Black Moor." Cut the vegetables into slices no more than 5 mm thick.

    Cut the tomatoes for salad

    Boil potatoes and peeled, cut into cubes.

    Cook and chop salad potatoes

    Salad dressed with spices, only pepper, and add oil.

    Ready salad of eggplant and tomato served on a table

    Eggplant versatile vegetable regard to product mix. Therefore, we can safely experiment and add to the salad greens and other vegetables.

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    Bon Appetit :) .

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