Salad with breast and corn

Servings: 4 Cooking time: 45 minutes

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Sweet sweet corn really enjoyedvery popular with chefs from around the world. The dishes with the addition of golden grains can be found in the Argentine and American cuisine, and Mediterranean cuisine using it as often as tomatoes and seafood. Light flavored chicken salad with corn - a great way to cook a wonderful appetizer for the holiday table. Lettuce turns out very hearty and tasty, and his cooking you will take no longer than one hour.

The salad can be added sugar cannedcorn, but it tastes best dish is fresh, cooked in salted water. To be able to prepare this wonderful appetizer summer all year round, you can freeze a few cobs - this wonderful plant is stored until the next season.

Ingredients for "Salad with breast and corn":

  • Corn - 1 pc
  • Egg - 1 pc
  • Chicken breast - 100g
  • Onions - 1 pc
  • Cucumber - 1 piece
  • Mayonnaise - 1 tbsp. a spoon
  • Parsley - a few sprigs
  • The recipe "salad with breast and corn":

    How to prepare a salad with breast and corn

    Before you begin to prepare a salad, you need to becook corn. If you take canned corn will need to discard in a colander and drain the brine. Ears should be cleaned of leaves, dipped in boiling water and boil for 25 minutes in salted water. Cooked corn need to cool, and then carefully cut with a knife grain.

    Boil the corn until tender and cut grain

    While preparing corn, you will need to boil a piece of chicken breast. Chicken fillet to fill with water and cook until tender - this will take you the same 20 minutes.

    Breast salad with corn and cooked for 10 minutes - you will only need to cut all the ingredients and season with mayonnaise. The preparation of the products will take approximately 30 minutes.

    Fresh egg wash, cover with cold water and boil - boiled egg is cooked in about 7 minutes. To save time on cooking, try to cook corn, chicken and eggs at a time.

    Onions can take any, but more delicate tasteLettuce is a leek. Onions need to cut into small cubes, if you use a leek it will need to simply chop finely with a knife.

    Onions finely chop with a knife

    Fresh cucumber washed and cut into fine strips or small cubes.

    Fresh cucumbers cut into thin strips or cubes

    Egg clean, separate the white from the yolk - protein chop finely and add to the salad.

    Egg whites chop finely and add to the salad

    Yolk grate and leave the salad decoration made from corn and chicken breast.

    Yolk grate and leave for decoration

    The cooled chicken breast cut into small pieces.

    The cooled chicken breast cut into small pieces

    Add corn kernels to the salad.

    Add a salad of corn grain

    Chicken breast with corn should be added to the salad completely ostyvshimi, or salad can quickly sour.

    Fill the prepared salad with mayonnaise, stir and garnish with grated egg yolk.

    Season salad with breast and corn with mayonnaise and serve

    At the request of lettuce can be decorated with the top of a sprig of fresh parsley.

    Serve snacks to the table slightly chilled. Bon Appetit!

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