Salad with daikon and meat - recipe with photos

Servings: 2 Cooking time: 40 minutes

Daikon or Japanese radish - root and helpfuldelicious. Nutritionists say that it contains the body needs minerals and vitamins. "The big root" (the name of the plant is translated from Japanese) as well as horseradish and radish, helps cleanse the kidneys and liver. But unlike these "sharp" vegetables, daikon not the slightest bitterness. Our juicy and slightly sweetish root vegetables eaten raw, and in Asian countries where he came from, a vegetable stew, baked, marinated and served garnished with hot dishes. But especially, for our taste, good radish in salads. The recipe of one of them and we want to offer to your attention.

Ingredients for a "salad with daikon and meat - recipe with photos":

  • a piece of boiled meat - 100-120 grams (pork recipe)
  • daikon root portion - 200g
  • bulb
  • mayonnaise for refueling
  • salt, pepper, spices (to taste)
  • The recipe "salad with daikon and meat - recipe with photo":

    Daikon salad recipe

    Purified onion cut into thin half-rings and fry "to crunch" in a small amount of vegetable oil, stirring constantly. Let cool.

    Daikon clean and rub on a coarse grater.

    The meat cut into small cubes or cubes (as you like).

    Mix all the ingredients: boiled meat, grated daikon radish, fried onions. Refill salad sufficient amount of mayonnaise. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Decorate the salad and mix ready for pilaf, which can be bought on the market (cumin, dried barberry, saffron, sweet pepper, and so on.) Try!

    Salad can be supplemented with slices of fresh fruit and hard-boiled egg, garnish with greens. Simple, hearty and delicious!

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