Salad with goat cheese with tomatoes and cucumbers

Servings: 4 Cooking time: 15 minutes

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Green salad - the most universal of all existing dishes. Replacing one or two ingredients can radically change the taste of lettuce and transform it from a daily meal of the festive menu.
Green salad thanks to its lightness is the ideal option for breakfast and dinner, or as an addition to the main dishes at dinner.

Most often, green salad with various kindsdressings prepared in Greek and Italian cuisine, but many variations are found in almost all cuisines. Especially popular this salad with goat cheese and tomato cucumber becomes a spring and summer, when the heavy products do not want to eat, but an abundance of fresh vegetables allows you to cook a variety of salads.

Ingredients for "Salad with goat cheese tomatoes and cucumbers":

  • dense ripe tomatoes - small cherry - 8-10 pieces;
  • dense ripe tomatoes - small medium - or large pieces 5-6 - 2 pieces;
  • goat cheese or mozzarella - 200 grams;
  • greens, arugula, preferably - 20-25 sheets;
  • cucumber - 2-3 medium-sized pieces;
  • black or rye bread can be stale - 2-3 slices;
  • lemon juice, vegetable oil, salt, pepper, sugar - for refueling;
  • The recipe "salad with goat cheese tomatoes and cucumbers":


    To start cut all ingredients in a bowl. The ideal option would be vegetables and cheese, cut into cubes the same size. But you can cut the other way, such as cherry tomatoes - quartered, large tomatoes - into slices, cucumber - slices. The greens are not cut in any case! Arugula can be added, do not crush, tear lettuce big hands.

    goat cheese

    If desired, you can mix the lettuce varieties and even varieties of tomatoes by different-sized fruit.

    take small tomatoes

    In a skillet dry the chopped bread canwherein any add condiments, such as olive grass. If desired, instead of the usual crackers, you can fry the small-small croutons in oil with salt, pepper and spices.

    For a taste of the bread before frying can rub garlic and fry in a pan with the crushed garlic.

    Dressing prepared from approximately equal amounts of oil and lemon juice, thoroughly mixing them together. The taste you need to add salt, pepper and sugar.
    If it is very acidic dressing do not want to do for a salad, the proportion of oil and lemon juice you need to change to a ratio of 2: 1 (2 parts oil, 1 part lemon juice).

    preparing herbs

    Pour salad dressing, stir, spread to thedishes. Small croutons or crackers feeding their need to close with lettuce instead of bread or to mix in the salad just before serving, but before that they have to cool down!

    take crackers

    How can we change this simple recipe for a salad with goat cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes? First, you can change the filling recipe and make it cheese.

    Cheese filling

    • 100 grams of cottage cheese,
    • a glass of milk,
    • salt, sugar, pepper - to taste
    • cumin or a mixture of Provencal herbs.

    Curd is necessary to grind in a bowl, add milk (the fat cottage cheese, the less you need to milk) and add the necessary seasoning. Add dressing to salad.

    salad ready

    You can also add in a salad with goat cheese fresh ingredients tomatoes and cucumbers. For example, can greatly change the taste of walnuts, sliced, diced avocado, or a combination thereof

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