Vinaigrette diet

Servings: 6 Cooking time: 45 minutes

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Simply this salad can besemi-vinaigrette. You may ask, "What is this?". Quite easily. The component of this salad - a large part of what is contained in the original recipe. The most important thing - this salad can be put on a regular and on holiday, and even dietary table. Rich in vitamins salad diet useful and kiddies. Salad is not complicated and is prepared quite quickly. Serves 5-6 servings.

Ingredients for "Vinaigrette diet":

  • two medium cooked beets (you can boil a couple of medium-sized carrots);
  • 300 - 400 g sauerkraut;
  • 300 - 400 g of cooked beans (or peas marinated - 2 jars);
  • 1 - l 2 h.. vegetable oils;

Recipe "Vinaigrette diet":


Boiled beets rub on a coarse grater (1 pc.) And shallow. If you decide to add the carrots, then rub it should be solely on a coarse grater.

beets three on a grater

While with beet juice does not stack, you need to press sauerkraut and mix with beets with the addition of salt (to taste).

prepare sauerkraut

Add the vegetable oil and beans (or peas), mix thoroughly.

boil until cooked beans

The dish is ready - eat and enjoy!

Fish vinaigrette.

As a kind of there previous saladanother very tasty and healthy option - a salt (pickled) herring or mackerel (this is an amateur). Just steps to the above you need to add another one that involves fish fillets. It should already be stoned or that You must clear before setting off in the dish:

svekla i morkov 'na terke

Fillet cut into pieces - or cubes oroblong rectangles and add to the dish. The main feature of dietary fish salad - boiled beets and carrots necessarily need to cut medium-sized cubes

We boil the beets and cut

instead of beans can be marinated and peas (and you can add something, and more).

dietary salad ready

In our family love to add dietary vinaigrette marinated olives and olives. Bon Appetit!
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