Beetroot soup with yogurt at home

Servings: 4 Cooking time: 15 minutes

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In the summer, do not want to spend every hostesslong period of time in the kitchen. Because of the heat, many refuse to use soups, but it's not quite right. In order not to deny yourself the pleasure to taste a delicious soup can be prepared cold first course option. Great beetroot soup with yogurt at home can be made from simple products available. Treat yourself and your loved ones a refreshing vegetable soup.

Ingredients for "beetroot soup with yogurt at home":

  • Beetroot - 1-2 pieces;
  • Potatoes - 2-3 pcs;
  • Fresh cucumber - 2 pieces;
  • Green onions - 1 bunch;
  • Eggs - 3 pcs;
  • Kefir - 500 ml;
  • Dill, parsley - fresh herbs;
  • Recipe "beetroot soup with yogurt at home":

    Preparation of beetroot soup with yogurt:

    Prepare a wonderful soup can in the summerwithin a few minutes, but you need to pre-boil the beets and potatoes. Boil the potatoes need to brown in lightly salted water. To beet welded much faster, you can pour a little vinegar in the water or add a few crystals of citric acid.

    Start cooking with potatoes and beetrootyogurt should be with, which is very good to cool fat yogurt. Boiled potatoes should be cut into small cubes, if desired, you can use a large grater.


    Cooked beets will have a nice bright color, if you cook it in the skin. Cooked beets grate or cut into very thin strips.

    grate the beets

    Fresh cucumber as well as other vegetables, cut into strips or rub on a coarse grater.

    finely chopped cucumber

    To make it easier to cut the cucumber, it can be pre-soaked in cold water - for 10-15 minutes. All prepared foods mix well, add salt and favorite spices if necessary.

    After that, pour vegetables cold yogurt, mix again and insist beetroot soup with yogurt and potatoes in the refrigerator.

    beetroot ready

    Before serving the soup can be decorated with fresh dill and parsley. Bon Appetit!

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