Green soup with tomato

Servings: 4 Cooking time: 80 minutes

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Borsch - the card of Ukrainian cuisine: riches, flaming red, filled with marvelous aroma, it at least once a week reign on every desk and, as is typical, for some reason, never boring. Perhaps this can be explained by the fact that the green tomato soup with very raznolikogo. What only his or cooked: traditionally - with cabbage and bacon, and more - with beans and the first spring greens.

Today we will cook spring soup - so itcalled due to the fact that there decided to add a young sorrel and nettles. It is thanks to the young green becomes a real storehouse of vitamins for the winter-weary body.

Ingredients for "Green soup with tomato":

  • Meat on the bone (beef, pork) - 400-500 m;
  • Hard-boiled eggs - 4-5 pieces;
  • Sorrel - 1-2 beam;
  • Potatoes average -5-6 pieces;
  • Tomato - 1-2 tablespoons;
  • Onions - 2 medium heads;
  • large Carrots - 1 pc;
  • Salt, sugar, ground pepper, dill, vegetable oil;
  • Recipe "Green soup with tomato":

    Preparation of green soup with tomato

    Meat wash, cut the bone if necessary,half. Cover with cold water and allow to boil. Remove the foam and reduce the heat to a minimum: for example, we will cook the basis of green soup with tomatoes - broth. During cooking, do not salt it and add spices - it should be done at the very end.

    broth Cooking time - about halfhours. During this time, we prepare the other ingredients of our green borscht Boil hard boiled eggs and fully cooled, peel and dice the potatoes shall cut average.

    We shall cut medium diced potatoes for the green borscht

    Next, prepare the onions and carrots: onions should be cut into cubes or half-rings, carrots - grate.

    We shall cut onions and carrots for the green borscht

    When the broth is cooked (it can be found onof meat, if it is well separated from the bone, it means that the broth is ready), remove the meat from the broth to the plate and postpone the side - it will be needed later.

    In laying the broth potatoes, and wait until hefully cooked. This is - an important point: in the sorrel and tomato paste contain a lot of acid, so if the potatoes will be even just a little damp at the laying the remaining ingredients, he was and will remain so.

    Heat the oil in a frying pan and spread to the bow.

    Fry onions and carrots for the green borscht

    Fry it until the pleasant aroma of fried onions, add to it a carrot, stir and simmer, covered all together, stirring occasionally.

    When the vegetables are ready, add it to the tomato, mix thoroughly. You can add a little broth. Simmer 5-7 minutes under the lid. During this time the chop sorrel and eggs.

    Sorrel for the green borscht

    We spread roasted vegetables in soup, stir and spread after sorrel and eggs.

    Cut boiled eggs for the green borscht

    Our green soup with tomatoes is almost ready - there wait until it once again comes to a boil, add salt and pepper and add a little sugar - so borscht taste will be richer.

    Green soup with tomato ready

    Ready soup served with sour cream and chopped pieces of meat, sprinkle with dill or parsley - in general, any greens that exists in the fridge.

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