Pea soup with bacon

Servings: 6 Cooking time: 80 minutes

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Due to the fact that peas containquite a large number of biologically active substances, all dishes made from it will be not only delicious, but also incredibly useful. B vitamins improve mental abilities, stimulate growth and development, so it is very useful for people of all ages, and especially - children. Video how to cook pea soup, hostesses will help beginners to cook a great hot meal, which can be submitted not only to the family but also for a celebratory dinner.

Every time you think over what soupcook for dinner, remember that the pea is rich in biotin, which is not for nothing called the beauty vitamin. Few people know, but it was soup of peas is very well suited for those who cares for your body. You do not need to sit on a grueling diets, you can eat a hearty and nutritious pea soup, the recipe which will tell in detail all the subtleties of making this wonderful product.

Ingredients for "Pea soup with bacon":

  • Peas - 300g
  • Potatoes - 3 pcs
  • Smoked brisket - 150-200 gr
  • Carrots - 1 pc
  • Onions - 1 pc
  • Parsley and dill - 1 bunch
  • Vegetable oil - 30-40 g
  • White bread - one piece per serving
  • Salt - to taste
  • Ground black pepper - to taste
  • Recipe "Pea soup with bacon":

    Step by step recipe for pea soup

    The most frequent question that interests hostesseswhen cooked pea soup - how many peas to take a three-liter pot. The optimum amount to three liters of water - 1 cup, but if you want to cook the soup thicker sauce, you can take a half cup.

    When you are going to cook the peas, remember one thingbasic rule - always good rinse peas nucleus in cold water and soak it before cooking for a few hours. Thanks to this procedure, you will be able to keep most of the nutrients are in the pea, and rid yourself of unpleasant consequences in the form of flatulence.

    Step by step recipe for pea soup will help you to cook a delicious and very healthy dinner.

    Washed and soaked peas approximately twohours, if you have more time, you can soak it overnight. If the soup is soaked longer than two hours, try to change the water to peas not ferment.

    Peas soaked in cold water

    The swollen peas again washed in cold water and lay out in the pan. Fill three liters of water and cook over medium heat. When peas boil, remove the foam and reduce the heat.

    Cook the soup for about 30-40 minutes - this time will be enough to peas softened.

    Clean the potatoes and cut into thin strips, for frying.

    Potatoes add to the peas and continue to cook over medium heat.

    Bacon cut into thin strips.

    Peas soaked in cold water

    To pea soup with pork was not very bold, it should fry bacon until golden brown.

    Onion peeled and cut into fairly large pieces. It is best to use a special grater for vegetables and chop the onion rings or half-rings.

    Carrots are clean and rub on a coarse grater.

    In a pan, pour a little vegetable oil and fry the onion and carrot until vegetables are tender.

    Onions and carrots fry soup with bacon

    By this time the soup begins to thicken and potatoes is almost ready.

    Add the carrot, onion and continue to cook, only this time on a slow fire.

    While preparing the vegetables, chopped fresh herbs and add it to the soup with fried bacon.

    We reserve soup pea pork simmer for about 10 minutes.

    We reserve soup pea pork simmered

    During this time, prepare the croutons.

    White bread or loaf cut into thin cubes.

    Mix the salt and black pepper and allspice sprinkle this mixture of slices of bread.

    We spread the bread wedges on the bottom of the pan andfry them until golden brown in the oven at 180-200 degrees. If you are using aerogrill, lay out the bread on the sticker prepared with holes, which comes bundled and ready in about 10 minutes at a temperature of 180-200 degrees at medium speed.

    Once croutons are ready, put them on a plate and allow to cool, or when you add in the soup they quickly softened.

    By this time the pea soup with bacon is ready, it is necessary to cover with a lid and let stand 5-7 minutes. Thereafter, it can be fed to the table.

    Pea soup with bacon ready to be served

    Crackers can be put directly into the dish or serve them separately. The remaining crackers can be stored in a glass jar and use as desired. Bon Appetit!

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