The rules of healthy eating

Slim figure and healthy body - it is notalways exhausting diet and daily exercise. Nutritionists say, to achieve the ideal form, it is sufficient to "restore order" in your diet.

Compliance with the rules of rational, healthy food - this is the way to a perfect figure and healthy body, preservation of youth and vigor for many years.

Here are the basic rules that must be followed in the organization of its power:

1. Eat, adhering to the regime, at the same time.

The first rule of management of healthy eating -it's easy, healthy hunger, and when a piece of bread in joy. After heated emotions, hard work, hypothermia or overheating, need to sit down at the table immediately, but after waiting for 15-20 minutes.

No need to take food by force in diseases andailments. The body consciously saves energy and fights disease. He will himself will give a signal when you need to replenish energy through food.
2. Do not overeat.

The law requires proper nutrition to get ...the pleasure of eating. Do not be distracted during the meal, and chew food carefully. Eastern wisdom says that a piece of food must be chewed 22 times and as a result will lose weight. "

3. Regularly eat as much fiber.

What is the fiber - a dietary fiber contained in plant foods. These fibers are soluble and insoluble.
Soluble Fiber (beans, oat bran,fruits and vegetables) normalizes the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. And insoluble fiber (found in rye, wheat and rice bran, fruits, vegetables - mainly in their skins) like a sponge swells in water and removes harmful substances from our body that regulates the cleansing of the stomach and intestines.

To feel good and be healthy, you need every day to eat 500 grams of berries, fruits and vegetables.

The daily menu is a must include dishes made with carrots, cabbage, beets, onions, green peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh herbs, any kind of fruit and juice from them.

Fruits and vegetables are put in ordergastrointestinal tract, relieve constipation, enhancing exchange-recovery process of the body. Improves the immune system and help fight infections in the body.

4. Do not give up entirely on bread.

Bread - is the main source of vegetable protein,which contains a number of useful amino acids. Bread - an excellent source of B vitamins and vegetable fiber supplies. Finally, the grain source is needed for the body of mineral substances, namely calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, iron. Only all this good is contained not in the usual white yeast bread, but only in whole-grain bread, unleavened bread and bread from sprouted grain.

5. Enter the obligatory cereal diet.

Cereals - a great source of healthy carbohydratesand must be in our diet. A person on average requires 10 grams of oatmeal and buckwheat, rice, and 8 grams to 3 grams millet, barley and corn grits daily. To every day to get these essential cereals, must be different in the morning for breakfast porridge of any cereal called.

6. Avoid daytime snacks.

But if you have no strength to endure until the next meal, snack with advantage: you can eat low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt or anything from fruits. But not candy, cake or muffin!

7. Drink plenty of pure water.

Water - a low-calorie drink. If you drink 6-8 cups of plain water a day flushes toxins from the body, which increases the body's resistance to disease. Besides it, the water saturates the body without additional calories, so decreases appetite and energy supply is maintained at a desired level.

8. Arrange fasting day once a week.

The most suitable time for the discharge of the day - weekend. Stock up on fresh vegetables, fruits, mineral water without gas, and certainly eat vegetables raw.

Start your morning with 2 cups of warm water boiled with 2-3 slices of lemon or orange. This drink to cleanse the liver.

During the day, eat fresh fruits and vegetables or drink pressed juice. If the juice is too sweet, dilute it with a mineral or plain water.

9. Remember that everything is good in moderation.

According to the laws of proper nutrition for a single product or a dish is no prohibition (of course if it is safe and high quality cooked).

Tea, coffee, confectionery, alcohol - not useful products, but they have a rule - is not out of necessity, but from the safety of the organism.
For example, to use tea in one day can be at the rate of 2 grams of dry tea leaves, is the same amount of coffee will also be safe for the nervous system.

Norma confectionery, sugar, honey, jamshould not exceed the amount of 50 grams per day. These are the products we consume several times more than the permissible norm. Therefore, the best alternative to all the sweet - it's fresh fruit and berries, and tea and coffee - pure water and natural juices.

These are the simple rules of healthy eating, and the result of their application can already be felt after a short time.

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