Chicken breast baked in the oven with tomatoes and peppers

Servings: 6 Cooking time: 45 minutes

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Chicken fillet with vegetables intended for sixhuman. The dish is satisfying enough, so a portion will be quite enough to eat. It can be attributed more to the oriental cuisine, as there's a lot of pepper and vegetables. Ready meals and forty minutes, but it all depends on how quickly the hostess will cut all the right ingredients.

It will take us 7 tomatoes, red and desirablesize medium. 700 grams or 1 kilogram of chicken, a kilo of potatoes, 6 heads of small onions. There will also be needed one large bell pepper, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 kilo of eggplant. Once we take the salt, pepper, herbs and mayonnaise and olive oil. Greens can be any - dill, parsley, basil, or all together. Mayonnaise is required as to hide them all the surface of what we are preparing. Salt and pepper - to taste, if you want the dish was spicy, pepper, you can not regret.

Ingredients for "Chicken fillet baked in the oven with tomatoes and peppers":

  • 7 medium-sized tomatoes;
  • 700 grams of chicken;
  • 1 kg. potatoes;
  • 6 heads of small onions;
  • 1 bell pepper;
  • 3 cloves of garlic;
  • 1 kg. eggplant;
  • Olive oil;
  • Salt, pepper, herbs and mayonnaise.
  • The recipe for "Chicken fillet baked in the oven with tomatoes and peppers":

    Cooking in the oven baked chicken with vegetables:

    Let's get started. First, we need all the vegetables and herbs rinse, let dry. Cut the eggplant rings and put them in a deep bowl.

    Cut the eggplant rings

    Then cut a large red pepper as well, but the insides should be removed.

    Sweet peppers cut into rings or half rings

    Sliced ​​tomato rings.

    Ripe tomatoes strong as cut rings

    Now the turn to chicken. Cut it into small pieces.

    Chicken fillet cut into for roasting is not large

    previously did not have to do anything with meat. Now it is a good eggplant prisolit. Next, clean the onions and cut into rings.

    Onion gratin with fillet and vegetables cut into rings

    Take the best small onions, not to be divided then into pieces. Clear the three cloves of garlic with the help of spadefoot have to squeeze it into a bowl. Now add to the mayonnaise.

    Mayonnaise mixed with minced garlic

    Mix a tablespoon of mayonnaise and garlic, adding to the salt and pepper. Then it is necessary to clean the potatoes and cut into rings.

    Shelled potatoes and cut into rings

    On the 200-degree turn on the oven, put backpan with deep sides. When it warms up, and it takes five - seven minutes, we pull out the pan and pour the olive oil. You can also use sunflower oil, but olive oil tastes. We put to an even layer potatoes.

    We put potatoes evenly on a baking tray

    It must be well podsolit. Now it spread evenly chicken.

    Chicken fillet on potato spread

    Meat should be pepper. Then spread an even layer to the tomatoes. On top of the tomatoes put pepper. Then comes the turn eggplant. But they must first overcome in a container so that they are not so watery. Put the eggplant on top of the peppers. Sliced ​​pre greens lay on top of vegetables. The last layer should be laid with a bow.

    On top lay a layer of onions vegetables

    Now all that is necessary to add salt and pepper and add the mayonnaise on top, spreading it on the surface evenly.

    Carefully pour all of mayonnaise sauce

    You can also add cheese on top, but we were prepared without it. Put the pan in the preheated oven.

    Baking with chicken fillet with tomato and pepper put in the oven

    Should there fillets for about 20 - 25 minutes, but this time,approximate, may be you, it is cooked faster. If you feel the characteristic smell and see that the dish was covered with a nice-looking crust, it is ready. We obtain from the oven pan, and then give the content a little cool.

    Chicken breast baked in the oven with tomatoes and peppers can be served to the table

    Now chicken fillet with vegetables can be cut intoservings and place on plates served. I must say that without cheese filet turned out not less tasty and appetizing. We believe that our recipe and you will like.

    Bon Appetit!

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