Chicken wings, breaded

Servings: 4 Cooking time: 45 minutes

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Poultry meat, probably after the second polaritymeat cattle. The product is considered to be a low-calorie, but also very nutritious. White meat poultry have long been prized in cooking. His fried, baked, boiled and stewed. From poultry cooked cutlets and chops, all the dishes prepared on the basis of the list of poultry meat impossible.

A gentle, nourishing, does not require long-term treatment- It is always a valuable product for the preparation of all kinds of hot dishes, soups and snacks. Chicken wings in breading - the best way to cook dinner for those who do not have a large supply of spare time.

Ingredients for "Chicken wings breaded":

  • Chicken wings - 16 pieces;
  • Breadcrumbs - 150 g;
  • Wheat flour - 150 g;
  • Garlic powder - 1.5 hours x.
  • Butter - 4 tbsp. l;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • Salt and pepper to taste;
  • Recipe "chicken wings, breaded":


    Initially should heat the oven totemperature of 200 degrees. Then, prepare a baking dish - it is lined with foil (foil should take just enough so that you can "hide" the wings) and grease the foil with vegetable oil itself.

    Butter should be melted, so you should get it from the refrigerator in advance.

    Chicken wings (each side) liberally sprinkled with spices: salt, red pepper and garlic powder.

    wings liberally sprinkled with spices

    In a large shallow bowl pour the flour and breadcrumbs, stir well.

    preparing a batter of flour and biscuits

    Each wing dipped in butter, then paniruem in bread crumbs and flour, shaking off excess.

    paniruem chicken wings

    Preparing chicken wings, breaded completed, now they only need to bake in the oven.

    We spread thus prepared chicken wings in a baking dish, wrap the foil and put them in the oven.

    prepared to put wings on a baking tray

    Bake should be for 20 minutes, then pull out, unwrap the foil and remove again in the oven at the same time. As soon as the skin browns on the wings - the dish is ready.

    chicken wings, breaded ready

    Serve chicken wings, breaded in the table can be as a separate dish or side dish, such as mashed potatoes. Bon Appetit!

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