Baked cauliflower with cheese

Servings: 4 Cooking time: 15 minutes

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The benefits of cauliflower is known for a long time, butDespite this, most hostesses do not know her recipes, but to fry in a pan. In fact, ways to cook a delicious dish of this vegetable a lot. Recipe cauliflower with cheese, cooked in the oven - a very simple, so it is suitable even for beginners hostesses.

Ruddy flavorful crust cheese superbemphasize the delicate flavor of cauliflower. Cheese is best to take durum, although in some cases can be used and processed. The choice will depend on the cheese flavor of the finished dish, so it is best to take the cheese with a neutral creamy taste. Baked cauliflower with cheese - a great treat that is perfect for a family dinner, and for supplying to the festive table.

Ingredients for "Baked cauliflower with cheese":

  • Cauliflower (fresh or frozen) - 300-400 gr
  • Hard cheese (Russian, Dutch) - 100 gr
  • Salt and allspice - to taste
  • Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp. a spoon
  • Recipe for "Baked cauliflower with cheese":

    Preparation of cauliflower with cheese

    To the dish was more flavorful, it is possible to takefavorite spices - pepper, cloves. In the water pour a little salt, pepper and add a little vinegar, and put it in a small cauliflower. You can take frozen blossoms - in this case, the cabbage is better to pour hot water.

    Cauliflower boil until half-ready

    Boil the cabbage for five minutes and remove fromfire. Fresh cabbage will need to rinse again, this fold it in a colander and rinse under the tap, failed to debris and insect residues. Ice cream cabbage can be cooked immediately.

    Baking grease with vegetable oil and put on him the prepared cabbage.

    On a baking sheet lay out the prepared cauliflower

    Thick parts of inflorescences do not throw - they can be frozen and then used for the preparation of mashed potatoes and soups.

    Baked cauliflower with cheese is prepared quickly, so pre-heat the oven.

    Cheese will need to grate, then the dish is cooked faster, and each piece of cabbage soaked with creamy aroma.

    Cheese should be grate

    Sprinkle with grated cheese cabbage - try to do it in such a way that the entire surface was covered.

    Sprinkle with grated cheese cauliflower

    Cauliflower baked in cheese preparing for about 15 minutes - until the cheese is melted and slightly toasted.

    Preparation of cauliflower with cheese is a very simple way to diversify your diet and add the useful products. Despite the fact that the dish is cooked cheese, it may be considered a dietary.

    To give a more piquant taste the finished food, you can add a bit of tomato, for this they need to be cut into slices and lightly fry in vegetable oil.

    Add to cauliflower cheese and tomatoes

    Once the cabbage is ready, it should immediately bring to the table, until the cheese is still soft, it is reminiscent of the delicate pizza.

    Baked cauliflower with cheese served at the table

    Sprinkle with roasted vegetables on top of finely chopped parsley and enjoy these amazing flavorful treat. Bon Appetit!

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