Baked zucchini in multivarka

Servings: 4 Cooking time: 45 minutes

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All hostesses who have multivarka veryThey are well aware of how easily and quickly you can cook a lot of interesting and tasty treats. One of the most popular summer dishes is sautéed vegetables. Despite this, not everyone knows how to cook a casserole of zucchini in multivarka. The complexity of the preparation is that much shredded zucchini emit a lot of juice and pudding can easily turn into an ordinary soup.

To the dish does not lose its shape, excessthe liquid will need to be drained or add a little flour. If you wish to prepare a diet food, it will be possible to do without the addition of flour, but in this case it is best to cut vegetables slices instead of grated or comminuted in a blender. Casserole in multivarka with zucchini can be cooked for small children - the dish turns out very hearty and flavorful.

Ingredients for "Baked in multivarka zucchini":

  • Courgettes - 1-2 pieces
  • Onion 1 piece
  • Cheese - 200 gr
  • Eggs - 3-4 pieces
  • Carrot 1 piece
  • Tomato - 1 piece
  • Vegetable oil 2-3 tbsp spoon
  • Salt to taste
  • Recipe for "Baked in multivarka zucchini":

    How to Cook a casserole of zucchini in multivarka

    Young squash, you can not clean the skin od enough to wash them well under running water and gently dry. Pulverized carrots and onions can be arbitrarily using a knife or blender.

    Squash casserole in for multivarka bestcut with a knife into thin rings or sticks, if they rub on a grater, will be a lot of juice and products will not be baked for stew. If you are preparing a meal for the children, grind them in a blender or grater - extra juice squeeze. Casserole turns out very juicy and excess fluid can only spoil the appearance of the food.

    Zucchini cut into strips or rings

    A casserole of zucchini in multivarka easily be removed from the mold, if before placing products to grease the bottom of the vegetable oil.

    Enable multivarku in the frying mode and a little warm.

    At the bottom lay the crushed onions and fry until slightly golden hue - the bow should not burnt, but just be a little softer.

    Shredded onion fry until slightly golden hue

    On top lay out the layers of onion carrots and zucchini.

    On top lay out the layers of onion carrots and zucchini

    Hard cheese grate or chop into small cubes. To the cheese will not stick to the knife, lubricate the blade with vegetable oil.

    Hard cheese grate

    Fry the vegetables with cheese about 10 minutes to soften zucchini and cheese slightly melted. You can fry all the products individually, and then stacked layers in a bowl for baking.

    But if vegetables fried with cheese, pudding will be more juicy and aromatic. Eggs are a good whisk, until smooth. Add a little salt and allspice - to taste.

    Sprinkle vegetables with greens and pour eggs.

    Sprinkle vegetables with greens and pour eggs

    Casserole in multivarka zucchini cook for about 30 minutes, it needs to set the temperature to 180 degrees.

    Approximately ten minutes before the end of cooking, chop the tomato thin rings and put on top of casserole.

    Casserole in multivarka zucchini cook for about 30 minutes

    Fresh parsley with a knife to grind and mixwith sour cream. The finished pudding removed from the mold and cut into pieces a la carte. The cream sauce, you can add 1-2 cloves of minced garlic - it will give the dish more spicy taste.

    You can put all the food in the bowl and put Multivarki the right time, but then do not add the eggs, otherwise they will deteriorate. Bon Appetit!

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